Central Finland Regional Council

The Regional Council of Central Finland is responsible for establishing broad regional development programs containing specific programs (objective 2, 5b and 6 areas) that are submitted to the European Union.

Central Finland Regional Council

The Regional Council of Central Finland is a joint municipal authority in charge of regional development. Strengths of the region include bio-circular economy, digital economy, knowledge-based economy, wellbeing, and tourism.

The Regional Council of Central Finland is active in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Several projects help region, its municipalities, citizens and business towards more ambitious climate actions. Circular economy is in the heart of regions bioeconomy. Regional council, together with regions RDI actors is active in promoting and developing biogas production and use in the region.

Central Finland is a region of renewable energy. Of total energy consumption in the region (2019: 21,9 TWh, incl. transport) renewables correspond to 65%. The majority of this is wood-based side streams from the forest industry. Sustainable energy is our goal.

In the news

From Linear to Circular economy

Read the editorial published by Central Finland, FEDARENE Vice-Presidency for Circular Economy, centered on the critical reasons behind avoiding and minimizing waste.

FEDARENE’s Board of Directors reacts to the Clean Energy Trilogues and the next EU Budget

On the 26th and 27th of June 2018, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement was celebrating its 40th anniversary. It was the occasion for FEDARENE's Board of Directors to meet and discuss current EU policy developments.

Towards Circular Economy in Finland – CIRCWASTE project

Central Finland, together with four other regions in Finland, has started exploring the potential of the Circular economy. The focus of this 7-year Life IP project with a budget of almost 19M€ is on efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts. Altogether 19 pilot projects will focus on the circular economy of different waste resources.

Half of the energy consumed in Central Finland is renewable

The energy production and consumption data in Central Finland shows that half of the energy consumed in the region is renewable. 

Press Release – The New Board of Directors of FEDARENE

The FEDARENE is pleased to announce that during it's General Assembly of 2016, held in Pescara (Italy), a new Board of Directors was elected.

New Bioproduct Mill to Äänekoski, Central Finland

On 21 April 2015, Metsä Group announced their investment worth €1.2 billion in Finland's forest industry, creating 2,500 jobs in the whole value chain.