Greater Stockholm Energy Agency

Energy Agency Greater Stockholm is part of the Greater Stockholm and is a non-profit entity.

Greater Stockholm Energy Agency


The mission is to support the Region’s energy and climate activities.


Most of the interventions we realized are financed through projects of the Energy Agency.
The Energy Office Large Sthlms’ main activities include coordination of the municipal energy and climate advisory operations, management and development of projects, research of EU funds and acting as regional dialogue party to the Energy Agency.


Energy Office Large Sthlms targeted audience includes local authorities, citizens, companies and organizations that want to contribute to the implementation of sustainable energy solutions through concrete projects and examples.
For the municipalities, this means a well-functioning energy agency and the opportunity to gear up the local energy and climate work.
The benefits for households, companies and organizations mainly consist in the access to independent and impartial energy advice, which ultimately leads to an efficient use of resources.
Small and medium-sized enterprises should be able to take the step to improve energy efficiency and reduce their energy use provides Energy Agency Greater Stockholm a variety of support and opportunities.

Regional Development Manager

Energy Agency Greater Stockholm has been responsible for coordinating the municipal energy and climate advice. That role is now being developed further to a more coaching and support role as a regional development manager (RUL).
The Energy Agency intends to strengthen the interaction between the Authority, the regional energy offices and local authorities when it comes to advice.

The klimatrådgivningens website offers tips and advice on how to reduce energy use in their homes or business.

Ongoing project

A venture is in place among the Energy Agency, ten county councils and other energy agencies in Sweden, aiming to:

  • support the use of energy audits,
  • develop a network for energy.

There are 15 regional energy agencies in Sweden and 400 branches in Europe. Everyone seems to improve energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable energy in their regions and cities. The Swedish energy agencies collaborate through energy offices in the country.

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