Kent County Council

As part of our Kent County Council strategic role the Sustainability and Climate Change Team in partnership with and provides help and support to the 12 districts in Kent as well as the unitary authority Medway.

Kent County Council

Kent County Council is the largest ‘shire county’ by population in the UK (1.4m) and covers the area between the Port of Dover and London. The area is very diverse, with some very affluent areas, but also areas of high deprivation. The County is highly rural; there is no single large city, but a patchwork of diverse market towns and villages. The future urban growth plan for the county is quite extensive and the shape and make up of towns is likely to change considerably in the coming years.

Kent County Council is the strategic authority for the county with a turnover of around €2bn, over 1200 buildings, and approximately 620 schools. Responsibilities include adult social care, education, local transport and highways, waste disposal, and the environment. KCC also plays a strategic role with regards to spatial planning and housing, including energy efficiency retrofitting and renewable energy.

The Sustainable Business and Communities Team provides help and support to the 12 districts (municipalities) in Kent as well as the unitary authority Medway. This work is led by the Kent Environment Strategy and supporting Energy and Low Emissions Strategy (ELES).

As part of the ELES and in recognition of the UK environment and climate emergency, all 14 local authorities in Kent and Medway have committed to lower the area’s greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 at the latest. Kent County Council has also further committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their own estate and activities to Net Zero by 2030 and have already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 54% (from 2010 to 2021).

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