International Youth Summit for Renewable Energy

The IYSRE provides a platform for the the youth to discuss solutions and ideas around renewable energies.

From the 27 August 2021 09:00am to the 27 August 18:00pm

The International Youth Summit For Renewable Energy (IYSRE) Conference 2021 is organized by the Society of Renewable Energy. The Conference aims to provide a scientific and networking platform for young researchers and student in renewable energy fields.


The Society of Renewable Energy is a student organization in the field of New and Renewable  Energy (EBT) development which was initiated to help youth in Indonesia get to know more about EBT. They aim to spark interest and spur student insights regarding new and renewable energies so that young people in the world can build the world in realizing SDGs point number 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).

The International Youth Summit for Renewable Energy provides a platform for young people around the world to gather and discuss ecosystem, development, and issues that can accelerate the implementation of Renewable Energy as a climate solution.

The conference will consist of:

  • A renewable energy ideathlon for those who are eager to  bring up renewable energy solutions through enterprise building,
  • Model United Nations as a voicing platform of youth in each of their country representatives discussing several issues related to renewable energy,
  • Case competition to facilitate youth to have a more practical and industrial approach of solving renewable energy issues,
  • Conference proceedings for facilitating youth reports and paper publication for the renewable energy findings which will be presented at scientific meetings at large international conferences,
  • A virtual expo, job fair, and talkshow with renewable energy stakeholders to keep up with the youth competitiveness and bridge their needs to the renewable energy industry at a global scale.  

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