Meet our members

FEDARENE has over 80 members across 23 countries in the European Union. We bring together regional and local energy agencies, ministries and departments who implement, coordinate and facilitate sustainable energy and environment policies.

Abruzzo Regional Energy Agency (ARAEN)

Agenzia Regionale per l’Energia

ARAEN plays a role in the support of the implementation and preparation of regional energy policies and acts as an interlocutor for the actors of the regional energy system and for all citizens. It operates as a non profit entity, established in the Abruzzo Region in Italy.

AdEPorto (AdEPorto)


AdEPorto – Porto Energy Agency is a private non-profit association with Public Utility, created on 1 March, 2007 at the initiative of the Municipality of Porto, with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Program.

Aegean Energy and Environment Agency (AEGEA)

Ενεργειακό & Περιβαλλοντικό Γραφείο Αιγαίου

The aim of Aegean Energy & Environment Agency is to provide technical assistance to islands and local authorities for maturing sustainable development projects and engaging in innovative investment schemes.

Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA Alba)

Agenția Locală a Energiei Alba

ALEA – Alba Local Energy Agency is a non-governmental organization founded in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Alba county by implementing the energy transition.

Architecture et Climat

Architecture et Climat

Propose and validate solutions of resilience and innovation, at the scale of the built environment, to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Asturias Energy Agency (FAEN)

Fundación Asturiana de la Energía

The Asturian Energy Foundation is the new Regional Energy Agency of the Principado of Asturias (Spain), which adopts the legal figure of Foundation and it’s a non-profit entity, with private nature and with its own legal personality and full capacity to work.

Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Energy and Environment Agency (AURA-EE)

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement (AURA-EE) is the regional energy and environment agency of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Created in 1978 with the support of the Regional Council.

Avila Provincial Energy Agency (APEA)

Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Ávila

The Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Ávila (APEA) has been established by the Province of Ávila and partly financed by the European Commission under the SAVE Program. Its aim is fostering a new developed energy culture within the province based on a rational energy use and on the implementation of renewable energy sources.

B. & S.U. (B.&S.U.)

B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH

B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH is an independent company that acts as a pioneer and catalyst for the sustainable development of society and the energy transition.

Basque Country Energy Agency (EVE)

Ente Vasco de la Energía

The Basque Energy Board, EVE, was created by Decree No. 81/1982 on 5 April as a Public Limited Company. Since it’s creation EVE has been responsible for implementing the Energy policy of the Basque Government. Currently the EVE Group Staff is constituted of 304 members.

Bucharest Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Agency (AEEPM)

Agenția pentru Eficiență Energetică și Protecția Mediului Bucaresti

The Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (AEEPM) is an independent legal entity, founded in 2007, at the initiative of the Local Council of Sector 1 of Bucharest, co-financed by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programe.

Burgos Provincial Energy Agency (SODEBUR)

Agencia Provincial de la Energia de Burgos

The Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos (SODEBUR) has been established as an active instrument of the Burgos province aimed at orientating people, authorities and business companies towards a new economy approach focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy principles.

Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ITC)

Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

The Canary Islands Institute of Technology is linked to the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Canary Islands Regional Government.

Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford Energy Agency (3CEA)

Three Counties Energy Agency
Ireland {Republic}

Three Counties Energy Agency (3CEA) was established by Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford Local Authorities in partnership with the Leader Development Companies in Carlow and Kilkenny to provide sustainable energy information and services to the people, to local businesses, to community groups and to the Local Authorities.

Castilla y León Regional Energy Agency (EREN)

Ente Publico Regional de la Energia de Castilla y Léon (EREN)

EREN, Ente Regional de la Energía de Castilla y León, was founded in 1996 (Law 7/1996) by the regional government and in the framework of the Save Programme.

Catalonia Energy Institute (ICAEN)

Institut Català d'Energia

The Institut Català d’Energia is a public corporation with its own legal status, set up by the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and created by the Parliament of Catalonia on the 3rd of May 1991.

Central Finland Regional Council (Central Finland)

Keski-Suomen Liitto

The Regional Council of Central Finland is responsible for establishing broad regional development programs containing specific programs (objective 2, 5b and 6 areas) that are submitted to the European Union.

Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA)

Ενεργειακό Γραφείο Κύπρου

CEA contributes actively to the conservation of energy resources, the protection of the environment, and the improvement of the quality of life.



EKODOMA Ltd. is a private engineering consulting company established in 1991, whose main activities are related to energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy sources.

EKOTERMIJA (Ekotermija)

UAB “Ekotermija”

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Ekotermija ione of the leading energy consultant company that is known for its experience, high reputation, technical excellence, professionalism, responsiveness and integrity.

Emilia-Romagna Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy (ARPAE-ER)

Agenzia regionale per la prevenzione, l'ambiente e l'energia dell´Emilia-Romagna

Arpae is the Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy of Emilia-Romagna,

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS)

Energikontor Sydost

Owned by municipalities and regions in Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg counties in the southeast of Sweden, our regional energy agency aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.

Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region (KSSENA)

Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region

Energy Agency KSSENA was established in 2006 within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). Its founders are the Municipality of Velenje (MOV), Municipality of Celje (MOC), Municipality of Slovenj Gradec (MOSG) and Public Utility Company Velenje (KPV).

Energy Consulting Network (EC Network)

Energy Consulting Network

EC Network (Ltd.) is a Danish company of energy consultants and planners established in April 2000.

Escan s.l. (ESCAN)


Escan is a Spanish consultancy company founded in 1986 that offers technical, economic and financial advice on energy planning, energy efficiency, sustainable energy and smart grids.

European Small Islands Federation (ESIN)

European Small Islands Federation
Ireland {Republic}

ESIN – the European Small Islands Federation is the fruit of a successful cooperation between small islands communities

Fryslân Province

Provincie Fryslân

The province of Fryslân is one of the twelve Dutch governmental authorities positioned between the national and municipal authorities and is responsible for issues that concern the population of Fryslân directly.

Greater Stockholm Energy Agency

Energikontoret Storsthlm

Energy Agency Greater Stockholm is part of the Greater Stockholm and is a non-profit entity.

Italian Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST)

Federazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche

FAST brings together, the most qualified and representative scientific and technical associations in Italy totalling over 50.000 members.

Kvarner Regional Energy Agency (REA Kvarner)

Regionalna Energetska Agencija Kvarner

Regional Energy Agency Kvarner Ltd./ Regionalna energetska agencija Kvarner (REA Kvarner) was established in 2009 by the County of Primorje – Gorski Kotar under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

LENERG Energy Agency (LENERG)

LENERG Energiaügynökség Mérnöki és Tanácsadó Nonprofit Kft.

LENERG Energiaügynökség Mérnöki és Tanácsadó Nonprofit Kft. (LENERG Energy Agency Nonrpofit Llc.) is a regional energy agency of Észak-Alföld region, established in 2010.

Liguria Regional Energy Agency (IRE-Liguria)

I.R.E. S.P.A. - Infrastrutture Recupero Energia Agenzia Regionale Ligure

IRE is a joint-stock company by Italy’s Liguria Region as a result of the merger of three regional companies dealing respectively with infrastructure development, building and urban renovation and energy.

Lower Austria Energy and Environment Agency (eNu)

Energie- und Umweltagentur des Landes NÖ

The Energy and Environment Agency Lower Austria (eNu) was founded in January 2012 as a one stop shop for all environmental and energy issues

Madeira Regional Agency for Energy and Environment (AREAM)

Agência Regional da Energia e Ambiente da Região Autónoma da Madeira

AREAM – Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Madeira is a private non-profit association, recognised as a public utility, having the mission to promote the innovation and cooperation in the energy and environment domains.

Mälardalen Energy Agency

Energikontoret i Mälardalen

Mälardalen Energy Agency initiates, co-ordinates and implements projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy in all sectors of the society.

Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA)

Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency

MIEMA is a non-profit, public-equivalent body initially set up to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

Mantua Local Energy Agency (AGIRE)

Agenzia per la Gestione Intelligente delle Risorse Energetiche della Provincia di Mantova

AGIRE – Agenzia per la Gestione Intelligente delle Risorse Energetiche, Energy Agency of the Province of Mantova, was established in 2006 with the support of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme.

Maramures Energy Management Agency (AMEMM)

Agenţia de Management Energetic Maramureş

The Agency carries out its activities on the basis of the IEE Grant Agreement concluded between the Maramures County Council and EACI of the European Commission.

Mazovia Energy Agency (MAE)

Mazowiecka Agencja Energetyczna

The main goal of MAE is to support the use of renewable energy sources and to support the implementation of solutions rationalizing energy use in Mazovia and to promote a regional approach to energy.

Medjimurje Energy Agency (MENEA)

Međimurska energetska agencija d. o. o.

Medjimurje Energy Agency ltd. – MENEA was established in 2008 within the EU project “Creation of the energy agencies in Lleida (ES), Medjimurje (HR) and Montpellier (FR)” financed by Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme to promote the idea of sustainable development in accordance with the actual needs in Medjimurje county.

North Sweden Energy Agency

Energikontor Norr

Energikontor Norr is located in the most northern part of Sweden and its objectives are to promote the use of renewable energy and work for more effective use of energy.

North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA)

Regionalna Energetska Agencija Sjeverozapadne Hrvatske

The North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency – REGEA has been established by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and City of Zagreb under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

Northern Småland Energy Agency

Energikontor Norra Småland

Energikontor Norra Småland (Energy Agency of Northern Småland) is part of Region Jönköping County.

Oeste Regional Energy Agency (Oestesustentavel)

Agência Regional De Energia E Ambiente Do Oeste

OesteSustentável is a non-profit private association, whose mission is the promotion of integrated actions that contribute to a greater energy efficiency, to a rational use of energy, as well as the use and promotion of renewable resources.

Örebro County Energy Agency (Energikontoret)


The Job of the Örebro County Energy Agency is to actuate and inspire the region’s municipalities, entrepreneurs, enterprises, organizations and residents on how to use energy more efficiently and to choose renewable energy.

Paris Region Institute (AREC IDF)

Agence Régionale Energie-Climat de la Région Ile de France

Established by the Île-de-France Region, the Paris Region Institute aims, through its energy and Climate Department, to facilitate and accelerate energy transition and adaptation to climate change by assisting communities and other players in the Paris region.

Plovdiv Energy Agency (EAP)

Енергийна агенция – Пловдив

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria under the SAVE II program of the European Commission.

Podravje Energy Agency (ENERGAP)

Energetski agenciji za Podravje

Energap – Energy Agency of Podravje – Institution for sustainable energy use is public agency working in the North Eastern region in Slovenia.

Ponant Isles Association (AIP)

Association des Iles du Ponant

On the side where the sun sets, France breaks down into a myriad of little islands, bathed by the English Channel or the Atlantic Ocean.

Power Lake AB


Power Lake AB (PLAB) is a business development and consultancy organisation specialized in ICT and sustainable development.

Regional Energy Agency North (REA Sjever)

Regionalna energetska agencija Sjever

The Regional Energy Agency North / Regionalna energetska agencija Sjever began its activities in 2009. It was founded as a public, independent and non-profit institutions […]


Περιφερειακό Ταμείο Ανάπτυξης Κρήτης

In December 1993, within the framework of implementing regional energy policy and in pursuit of establishing Crete as preferential area for extensive applications of Renewable Energy Sources in Europe and in Mediterranean, the Region of Crete has founded the Regional Energy Agency.

Réunion SPL Energies (Horizon Réunion)

Horizon Réunion SPL

La SPL Horizon Réunion a pour objectif d’accompagner les collectivités locales actionnaires dans le développement de projets concrets aux enjeux énergétiques.

Samsø Energy Academy (Samsø Energy Academy)

Samsø Energiakademiet

Founded in 2007 on the island of Samsø, once a meeting place for the Vikings, the Energy Academy is now a gathering place for people interested in community development.

Selnica ob Dravi Municipality

Selnica ob Dravi

Selnica ob Dravi is a community in the central Drava Valley in Slovenia.

Spodnje Podravje Local Energy Agency (Lea Spodnje Podravje)

Lokalna energetska agencija Spodnje Podravje

Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje, institute for promotion of sustainable energy development, has been established by the Municipality of Ptuj in 2008.

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA)

Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Region of Tartu) has been established in 2009 by the Tartu City Government and the Tartu Science Park to implement efficient […]



TECSOL is an engineering consultancy competent to cover all aspects of work concerning technical equipment in buildings, with a predominant interest for the energy and […]

Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA)

Tipperary Energy Agency
Ireland {Republic}

The Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) was established in March 1998 as a partnership between two Local Authorities North Tipperary County Council, and South Tipperary County Council, and the local third level learning institute, Tipperary Institute.

Upper Austria Regional Energy Agency (ESV)

OÖ Energiesparverband

The OÖ Energiesparverband, established by the regional government in 1991, drives the energy transition by promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and innovative energy technologies. It provides comprehensive services to households, companies and the public sector.

Ústí Region

Ustecky Kraj
Czech Republic

Ústí Region is one of the 14 self-governing administrative regions of the Czech Republic.

Valbiom (Valbiom)

Valorisation de la Biomasse asbl

The main purpose of Valbiom is to promote and encourage the non-food valuation of biomass with all concerned parties, with the purpose of respecting principles of sustainable development.

Valladolid Municipal Energy Agency (AEMVA)

Valladolid Municipal Energy Agency

The Agencia Energética Municipal de Valladolid (AEMVA) is an operation unit belonging to the Council of Valladolid. Its main purpose is the optimization and rationalization of energy consumption through the extension of public services provided by the municipality.

Wallonia Region (SPW Energie )

Service public de Wallonie – Département Energie

The Energy and Sustainable Building Department of the Walloon Region has been working for more than 20 years in the field of Energy Efficiency and renewable energies.

West Sweden Energy Agency (EnergiKontor Väst)

Regionala Energikontor i Västra Götaland

Energikontor Väst is the regional energy agency of West Sweden and a part of Innovatum Science Park (

Zlín Regional Energy Agency (EAZK)

Energetická Agentura Zlínského Kraje
Czech Republic

The EAZK is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 and is fully owned by the Zlín Region.