FEDARENE provides a voice for regions and energy agencies on policies at European level. We share the experience and knowledge of our members through multiple publications, events and advocacy fora.

Regions and Energy Agencies Repowering Europe

The REPowerEU package is based on the realisation that EU’s resilience and leadership requires an energy transformation. The members of FEDARENE are driving this transformation and are ready to accelerate towards Climate Neutrality.

FEDARENE’s recommendations on the EED revision proposals

FEDARENE represents European regions and regional and local energy agencies which for decades have been the European Union’s partners in making our green transition happen on the ground.

Reaching maximum impact of the EPBD – Recommendations from Regions and their Energy Agencies

While a strengthened EPBD will provide a clear direction and ambition to Member States, we believe its implementation towards the 2030 targets will depend on enabling frameworks which consist of delivery of technical assistance and strategic market facilitation.

Creating new momentum in Europe’s Renewable Energy Policies – Recommendations from Regions and their Energy Agencies

As the European Commission is revising the Renewable Energy Directive to make it “fit for 55”, the regions and energy agencies members of FEDARENE recommend 10 solutions to create a new momentum in Europe’s Energy Policies.

FEDARENE responds to the consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

As the EU Renovation Wave aims to double the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030 and to foster deep renovations, regions and their energy agencies are ready to step-up to the task.

FEDARENE responds to the Renewable Energy Directive Review Consultation

The Renewable Energy Directive can drive a step change towards 2030 if it recognizes the need for intensified local/regional market facilitation, and focuses on mainstreaming renewable energy in the industrial sector as well as heating and cooling, 2 areas which were insufficiently addressed so far.

FEDARENE responds to the Energy Efficiency Directive Review Consultation

FEDARENE welcomes the Commission’s intention to strengthen the Energy Efficiency Directive, making it fit to stimulate Europe’s economic transformation and reach EU’s 2030 Climate objectives.

FEDARENE responds to EU 2030 Climate Ambition Consultation

The regions, energy agencies and islands of FEDARENE shared their views on EU 2030 climate ambition and related opportunities, priorities and enabling conditions.

Open letter: Think efficiency first to address the energy and climate crisis

More than 20 organisations join FEDARENE in an open letter addressed to EU negotiators rivising the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Manifesto: Local staff to future-proof municipalities

FEDARENE joins EU networks of municipalities in a campaign proposing measures to the EU Member States and the European Commission to give cities the staffing means of their climate ambitions.

To RePowerEU: RePurpose Public action, ReDirect EU Funds and ReOrganise governance

Read the Covenant of Mayors – Europe’ proposals to get Europe on a firm ground towards peace and climate neutrality.

Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating and Cooling

The signatory cities of the Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating & Cooling remain united in their conviction that the heat transition can only be achieved if all government levels fulfil their role, provide the right support mechanisms and establish an enabling regulatory framework for the local level.

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From Retrospection to Prospection: a Conversation on Energy Efficiency Priorities

We invited our Secretary General Seamus Hoyne and Deputy Secretary General Patrick Biard for a thought-provoking exchange on FEDARENE’s policy priorities for 2022.


FEDARENE joins the Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating and Cooling

The signatory cities of the Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating & Cooling remain united in their conviction that the heat transition can only be achieved if all government levels fulfil their role, provide the right support mechanisms and establish an enabling regulatory framework for the local level.


The Coalition for Higher Ambition spells out its expectations from the “Fit for 55” Package

Ahead of the European Council’s discussion on 25 May about the new climate and energy legislation (so called Fit for 55 Package), European businesses, investor groups, local and regional authorities and NGOs published a joint letter to list their expectations.


The European Climate Pact: Empowering Citizens to Shape a Greener Europe

Today the 16th December marked the official launch of the EU Climate Pact. Keep reading to discover FEDARENE’s take on the event and our involvement in the initiative



Advocacy Fora

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy

FEDARENE is also one of the founding partners of the Covenant of Mayors initiative, which launched in 2008 and celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2018. The Covenant of Mayors Office is currently managed by a consortium of networks of local and regional authorities, led by Energy Cities and Climate Alliance, and composed of  CEMR, Eurocities, Fedarene, and ICLEI Europe. The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is now the world’s largest movement for local climate and energy actions, bringing together over 7,700 signatory local authorities, as well as supporting originations  who strive to fast- track local climate and energy action and go beyond the EU’s 40% greenhouse gas-reduction target by 2030.  

Visit their website: eumayors.eu

Coalition for Energy Savings

The Coalition for Energy Savings strives to make energy efficiency and savings the first consideration of energy policies and the driving force towards a secure, sustainable and competitive European Union. Its membership unites businesses, professionals, local authorities, energy communities, and civil society organisations in pursuit of this goal.

Coalition members represent:

  • more than 500 associations, 200 companies and 1,500 cooperatives
  • 15 million supporters and more than 1 million citizens as members of cooperatives
  • 2,500 cities and towns in 30 countries in Europe

FEDARENE is a member of the Coalition for Energy Savings.

Visit their website: energycoalition.eu


EUFORES is a European cross-party network of Members of Parliament from the European Parliament as well as from the EU27 national and regional Parliaments. EUFORES core objective is the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

EUFORES is supported by a variety of non-parliamentary members from the renewable energy and energy efficiency community – industry, scientific institutes, energy agencies and NGOs – all strongly committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency. FEDARENE is a member of EUFORES.

Visit their website: eufores.org

Renovate Europe

FEDARENE is a Supporting Partner of the Renovate Europe Campaign, a political communications campaign with the ambition to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050 through legislation and ambitious renovation programmes. Launched in 2011, Renovate Europe is an initiative of EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, and enjoys the support of 45 partners from industry, civil society and 17 National partners active at national level.

Visit their website: renovate-europe.eu