Julije Domac in Lima on behalf of FEDARENE

FEDARENE’s President Julije Domac was in Lima for for the UN Climate Change Conference to represent the regions and energy agencies of Europe.

Julije Domac in Lima on behalf of FEDARENE

“The regions of Europe along with many others globally, follow the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with great interest, respect, and concern. FEDARENE representing the regions has been present for many years – in Warsaw, and now, here, in Lima, supported by our partners like the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and many others.

REGIONS form the building blocks of our global society and represent the PEOPLE, the reason and the meaning of the climate change mitigation process and of every other process that is important for mankind and for our future. Regions co-operate with one another across national boundaries, implementing joint projects and identifying common solutions to shared problems. Our problems – or challenges, today more than ever, do not recognise borders. Our regions (and also every other form of local and sub-national government – municipalities, cities, provinces…) is the primary focus for the people to address and solve their problems, often supported by their ENERGY AGENCIES.

People living their everyday lives filled with work, recreation and travel, often do not comprehend the importance of the need for action on climate change. The world meanwhile cannot wait for international agreements and national policies to convince them otherwise. In the absence of that change, the regions (municipalities, cities, provinces) and the energy agencies must act and make changes – through projects and initiatives, often implemented together with other regions and various partners. In reality, only in this way can we hope to bring about the necessary changes – through partnerships and implementation.

In that context, we thank the COP Presidency and the UNFCCC for making it possible to open a subnational dialogue between regions and cities, together with national governments at the UNFCCC, here in Lima. At this moment in time and in the future, FEDARENE will be proud to actively contribute to the global climate change mitigation process. We believe that the critical contributions have to come from all levels – global, national and regional. But essentially, it is the regional level where the people live and where the projects are implemented.

We sincerely hope that these interactions between the global, national and regional levels –will enable greater facilitation of action as it is the only way to bring benefits to the people – people must remain at the centre of everything. The interaction between global organisations, national governments and regions will enable the production and implementation of an efficient roadmap for energy transition and climate change mitigation. We, in the regions and energy agencies, who implement projects and interact with people every day – believe that this is the only way forward!

We believe that every effort and commitment must be made to protect our climate and thereby our planet. Indeed we expect that every effort will be made. Our concerted action is well justified and much needed.

Thank you.”

Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE