Be part of the EUCF adventure

The first call of the new European City Facility is open until October 2nd and energy agencies have a role to play! Click to find out more

Be part of the EUCF adventure

The European City Facility (EUCF) aims to support municipalities and their groupings in developing investment concepts related to the implementation of their climate and energy action plans. All municipalities and their groupings (with LAU(2) codes) from the EU-27 and the UK are welcome to apply. Successful municipalities will receive a lump sum of € 60.000 for the development of the investment concept (in the national language). The activities financed include – not limited to: (technical) feasibility studies, market analysis, stakeholder analysis, legal, economic and financial analysis, risk analysis, etc. 

Municipalities will also receive tailored assistance from the EUCF team and the country expert, an organisation/ individual with long expertise in sustainable energy projects and financing instruments, through direct contacts and capacity building activities.

The first call for applications is currently open and will close on the 2nd of October, so there is still time to apply!

The application is fast, straightforward and online. The evaluation is based on 5 simple criteria: investment size (per capita), energy savings (per capita), governance structure, stakeholders’ engagement and alignment with EUCF objectives.

Small- and medium-sized municipalities are highly encouraged to join forces and resources and submit a joint application, to increase the ambition of the proposal and the chances of success.

I work for a region or an energy agency, what can I do?

Although only municipalities can apply to EUCF, regions and local/regional energy agencies have a key role to play in the initiative. They can provide technical expertise to municipalities to enhance their green potential, build sustainable investment programmes and bundle small projects into larger investment portfolios. Their technical assistance will make the difference in the municipality’s application and secure € 60.000 of funding for (technical) studies and analysis that you might carry out. So share the news, reach out to your municipalities and support them in the application process – you have until October 2nd.

Go forward

Much information is available online to help you join EUCF:

  • Before applying, read carefully the guidelines for applicants and the FAQs and watch our short video summarising the application process.
  •  A series of national webinars have been organised to help you with the application process and are available on YouTube.
  • More national webinars are coming for Austrian municipalities (tba), German municipalities (31/08), Finnish municipalities (01/09), Dutch municipalities (02/09), and French municipalities (07/09)
  • For any doubt or request, reach the EUCF team through the Helpdesk.