Working groups

Working groups are encouraging the development of exchanges of views, know-how and best practices between relevant stakeholders on specific topics. They are designed to encourage exchange of experience and transfer of know-how in a series of important fields.

Energy sufficiency

Overconsumption has become a pervasive issue in our society. Even if our products are increasingly using less energy, we consume more of them, perpetuating a […]

Energy communities

Energy communities are initiatives led by citizens, allowing them to take control of their energy production and consumption. They help decentralize the energy systems where […]

Renewable Energy Sources

Increasing the use of renewable energy sources has multiple benefits for society. Not only does it reduce greenhouse gas and other air pollutant emissions, but […]

Mobility and Transport

The transport sector represents more than one-third of final energy consumption in the EU and almost a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions since […]

Islands & Rural Communities

Despite the huge potential of renewable sources for islands, such as wind and wave energy, many of them still depend on expensive fossil fuel imports. […]

Financing and Investment

Financing large scale energy efficiency investments present many challenges such as the lack of local resources and skills. Guarantee Funds, Public-Private Partnerships, Crowdfunding are just […]

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is accepted as the guiding principle of the EU energy strategy. According to the Energy Efficiency Directive that was amended as part of […]

Circular Economy

The concept of circular economy is a model of production and consumption, based on extending the lifecycle of products and reducing waste to a minimum. Conversely, […]

Climate Adaptation

An effective climate policy should address not only mitigation but also adaptation strategies. Climate adaptation seeks to lower the risks posed by the consequences of […]

Data Monitoring

Among the difficulties for achieving the EU’s climate and energy targets is the lack of standardizing energy and climate information at the European level. One […]