European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment

FEDARENE is the premier European network of regional and local organisations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate energy and environment policies. Regional and local agencies, regional governments and departments working in these fields, are represented in FEDARENE.

Upper Austria: 200,000 roof-top PV systems by 2030!

In its new PV strategy, the region of Upper Austria has set itself the clear goal of achieving 200,000 roof-top PV systems by 2030.

Ice Box Challenge Glasgow

Ice Box Challenge Glasgow

Better building design can help us reduce our carbon pollution without changing our behaviour. Buildings that prioritise efficiency first are comfortable and healthy… The #IceBoxChallengeGlasgow put that theory into practice in a fun and interactive experiment, taking place from July 23 to August 6!

The first scaffolding in the neighbourhoods

The first scaffolding in the neighbourhoods

The urban regeneration taking place in the Basque Country, thanks to OPENGELA is in progress. Check out where the work is at.


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“Towards a fairer, climate-neutral Europe for all”

The 2021 European Covenant of Mayors Ceremony will take place on 7 October 2021 online… and everywhere in Europe!


OPENGELA: urban regeneration programme throughout the Basque Country

To replicate the OPENGELA model, it is necessary to lay the foundations for neighbourhood offices to operate. For this reason, the project has published a ‘White Book’ summarising the basic principles that should govern the one-stop-shops.


National Winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2020-2021

The national winners of the Green Solution Awards have been announced! Find out who will be competing during the international phase.


SuperHomes 2030

The SuperHomes 2030 project aims to dramatically scale this service over 3 years, increasing completed retrofits from 100 houses in 2019 (€6M) to 500 houses in 2023 (€36M).


GREEN HYSLAND aims to create the first green hydrogen ecosystem in the Balearic Islands (Spain). It will produce, generate and distribute 300 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year thanks to solar energy on the island of Mallorca.


ENERGee WATCH is a European project of peer-to-peer learning program enabling regional and local authorities to properly define, monitor and verify their sustainable actions.

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