Conference about Sustainable Homes and Buildings becomes increasingly Popular

Learn about the success of the 5th conference organised by the Mälardalen Energy Agency, on the topic of energy efficiency in buildings and more particularly homes, stores and warehouses.

Conference about Sustainable Homes and Buildings becomes increasingly Popular

It started five years ago – The Mälardalen Energy Agency arranged a small conference on the topic of how to make buildings, such as homes, stores and warehouses, more energy efficient. Energitinget has since then seen a steadily increasing number of visitors. In October of 2021, the fifth consecutive conference was live streamed from a recording studio to accommodate restrictions put in place due to the pandemic. It received more than 500 views.

The target audience of the energy conference is primarily industry professionals – the builders, buyers, and owners of various types of buildings, as well as politicians and municipality employees tasked with community planning and procurement. But Energitinget is open for anyone with an interest in energy efficiency and has in the past also attracted, for example, members of private housing cooperatives.

“We are lucky to have industry and energy experts from all over Sweden participate and share their best practices and good examples”, says Helena Ek, event manager at The Mälardalen Energy Agency.

Big contributor to Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions

According to Boverket, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, a fifth of the emissions in Sweden can, one way or another, be traced back to houses and buildings, and the emissions are increasing, when they should be decreasing. However, there are many actions and technologies already on the market that can help turn this development around.

“There is unrealised potential in a lot of buildings, and installing solar panels, various climate adaptations and introducing energy management are just some examples that can increase their sustainability. It is important to spread that kind of knowledge and minimise the climate impact of construction as well as of buildings already in place”, says Mathias Söderholm, project leader at The Mälardalen Energy Agency.

About Energitinget

The energy conference focuses on a new topic every year. Examples from previous years are “The smart home” and “Sustainable buildings”. In 2021, Energitinget focused on the subject of “Sustainable renovations”. The conference is financed in part by The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Eskilstuna Municipality.

This best practice is issued from our publication Sustainable Regions in Action 2022. Read it now to discover many more best practices from FEDARENE members as well as an overview of our activities.