Energy Agents in Action

The students of the Primary School of Episkopi and the 2nd Primary School of Kaimakli decided to take the “law” into their hands! 

Energy Agents in Action

The Euronet 50/50 project

Possibilities to improve energy efficiency through a joint implementation plan in schools, with the direct involvement of students, the educational community in general, school boards and local authorities. Co-funded by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Program (2013-2016).

Short description of the action with the main steps taken

The students of the Primary School of Episkopi and the 2nd Primary School of Kaimakli decided to take the “law” into their hands!

In the primary school of Episkopi members of the energy, team are patrolling the classes during school breaks and – depending on their energy-saving or waste-management behaviours – they give them green, yellow or red cards. At the end of the week, the class which gathered the greenest cards receives a prize or a certificate of “energy-saving” excellence!

Similarly, in the 2nd Primary School of Kaimakli, a group of students founded a “secret action team” for saving energy. The undercover energy agents are patrolling the classrooms and other rooms and leave messages and notes addressed to students or teachers whenever they forget to switch off the lights or turn of the photocopier or the computer!

A short overview of the material/tools used

  • Catalogue of all classrooms/classes in the school in order to keep records about the energy behaviors of students
  • Red, yellow and green sticky cards
  • Prize or certificate of “energy saving” excellence in order to reward the winning classes

A short overview of the people involved

The practices were initiated by the students. The teacher in charge of the project coordinated the actions and provided help whenever needed.

Main results achieved

These practices proved to be a success: the students are now more careful about energy consumption and pay attention to simple habits that can reduce the use of energy at the school.

Why is it best practice? Why is it worth replicating in other schools/ buildings?

Described actions are an additional incentive for teachers and students to improve their energy behaviours.

They do not want to receive a reminder note or a red card, which is underlying that they are wasting energy!

Other relevant information (top tips, citations from the pupils, teachers, etc.)

“Every time the energy team is patrolling the classes, the rest of the students run in to check if they forgot to switch off the lights, in order not to take a red card!” Aristos Markakis, teacher, Primary School of Episkopi.