TerriSTORY®: Enabling a Better Understanding of Local Energy and Climate Issues

Discover the creation of TerriSTORY® led by AURA-EE, a tool made to track the environmental transitions in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region in France.

TerriSTORY®: Enabling a Better Understanding of Local Energy and Climate Issues

With increasing energy and climate ambitions on global, national, and local scales, a growing need for communities to plan and track their environmental transitions led to the development and deployment of TerriSTORY®, originating in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

Since being launched in 2018, TerriSTORY® has seen an array of developments in the functions it provides and its areas of coverage. The tool provides the user with a clear and interactive view of current and historic energy, climate and newly added mobility-related indicators, as well as the capability to identify, plan and visualise the results of different scenarios into the future. These include simple indicators such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, more complex topics like social mobility and access to services, to modelling employment impacts of renewable energy projects.

The central foundation of TerriSTORY®’s success is the continued development of a consortium of partner organisations which has allowed TerriSTORY® to play a key role in territorial planning. Thanks to this increasing base of partners and the platform for clear dialogue, new functionalities, and indicators in TerriSTORY® ensure that primary needs are met, notably a clear understanding of progress towards set objectives.

TerriSTORY® is a fundamental tool to an increasing number of communities across France, with a growing presence in 6 regions and a vision to expand its utility to other regions both nationally and across Europe.

TerriSTORY® is soon to be “open-source” which will contribute to its usage, where the original source development code is freely available to the public and may be redistributed and modified to suit the user’s needs. This will enable a much simpler uptake of TerriSTORY® across other French and European regions.

This best practice is issued from our publication Sustainable Regions in Action 2022. Read it now to discover many more best practices from FEDARENE members as well as an overview of our activities.