Central Finland

Vice-Presidency for Circular Economy,

FEDARENE highlights local level actions and provides a platform for mutual learning in climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and circular economy. In Central Finland, our goal is climate neutrality by 2030, and to achieve this goal we need support and networks FERANE offers.

Central Finland has many faces.  Our economy relies on sustainable utilization of renewable biomass. We have high quality education and research and we are forerunners in cybersecurity. Landscape in Central Finland is characterised by forests and lakes.  We are a growing destination for tourism, including both winter and summertime leisure activities. Our cultural life is vivid and characterised by various events for different tastes.

The Regional Council of Central Finland is a joint municipal authority in charge of regional development.  In our work, regional development goes hand in hand with regional land use planning. Our goal is to create wellbeing of the citizens, business and environment in Central Finland.

The Regional Assembly is the highest decision-making body with 79 members. The member municipalities choose their representatives according to their political power relationships in each local election.

The Regional Board of thirteen members is responsible for effectuating activities and administration. The members are chosen by the assembly every two years.