Gerhard DELL & Christiane EGGER

Vice-Presidents for Climate Neutrality,
Managers of OÖ Energiesparverband (AT)

Gerhard Dell is Managing Director of the OÖ Energiesparverband and Energy Commissioner of Upper Austria. He is Joint Representative for Energy Efficiency of the 9 Austrian regions and Deputy Joint Representative for Buildings. He is a Member of the Advisory Council of the Austrian Electricity Regulator. As Energy Commissioner to the Upper Austrian Government, he is responsible for advising the regional government on all energy-related matters, and for the coordination and scientific support to the Upper Austrian Energy Strategy. He is the author of the annual Energy Report of the Region of Upper Austria. He was awarded the National Energy Research Award and Merit Award in Gold of the Republic of Austria. He holds a doctorate and post-graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Energy Economics.

Christiane Egger is Deputy Manager of the OÖ Energiesparverband and Manager of the Cleantech-Cluster Energy, a network of 250 companies active in sustainable energy and the environment. She is Conference Director of the World Sustainable Energy Days, one of Europe’s largest annual conferences on the energy transition and climate neutrality. She has developed and led over 40 EU funded projects. She is a Member of the management board of the Austrian R&D platform for the decarbonisation of industry (NEFI). As an expert in market development, she has developed and implemented numerous promotional activities for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. She holds a law degree and a post-graduate degree in environmental engineering.

In the news

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