Vice-President on the Energy Sufficiency,
Climate-Energy Department of the Paris Region Institute (FR)

Marie-Laure is a senior expert at L’Institut Paris Region / AREC, Energy and Climate Department. She manages regional and European projects dealing with energy sufficiency, energy efficiency, renewable energies, observatories, climate change and financing.

She is a Member of the French committee of the European Energy Award, of the board of directors of ATEE (French association for energy management and environment).

As Vice-President for Energy Sufficiency of FEDARENE, she chairs the energy sufficiency working group of the network, moderating and co-hosting webinars/events related to the topic, participating to hearings, etc.

In the news

Overcoming Barriers to Energy Sufficiency

Marie-Laure Falque-Masset, Vice-President for Energy Sufficiency at FEDARENE, emphasises the importance of voluntary energy reduction through behavioral changes and collective organisation, addressing psychological barriers and involving energy users in shaping policies and practices.

Enhancing Energy Sufficiency

Marie-Laure Falque-Masset (Vice-President for Energy Sufficiency) writes about the rising interest in energy sufficiency in Europe.