Vice-President for Financing and Investments,
CEO of ENERGAP and Mayor of Selnica ob Dravi (SI)

With good technical documentation and cooperation of stakeholders, different financial mechanisms and sources can be found to implement energy projects. A lack of money should not be the excuse for not implementing the energy transition!

Vlasta Krmelj is the Director of regional Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje in Slovenia – since 2006

She is the Mayor of Municipality of Selnica ob Dravi in Slovenia – since 2018

She is an Expert for innovative financing scheme for sustainable energy and climate action plan projects (EPC, Green Bonds, Citizens Financing – crowdfunding and cooperatives), 2020.

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Multi-level governance dialogue in times of crisis

The policy workshop underscored the vital role of effective politics and policies in driving the widespread adoption of sustainable energy, tackling challenges like behavior change, city readiness, inclusive dialogue, energy solidarity, energy poverty, and community empowerment, highlighting the imperative of collaborative efforts in addressing climate change.

The mayor leading an Energy & Climate Agency

Discover the insightful interview with Vlasta Krmelj, FEDARENE Vice-President for Financing and Investments, CEO of ENERGAP, and Mayor of Selnica ob Dravi, as she shares her unique perspective on leading an Energy & Climate Agency and offers valuable advice on securing funding for energy transition projects.