Vice-President on Financing and Investments,
CEO of ENERGAP and Mayor of Selnica ob Dravi (SI)

With good technical documentation and cooperation of stakeholders, different financial mechanisms and sources can be found to implement energy projects. A lack of money should not be the excuse for not implementing the energy transition!

Vlasta Krmelj is the Director of regional Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje in Slovenia – since 2006

She is the Mayor of Municipality of Selnica ob Dravi in Slovenia – since 2018

She is an Expert for innovative financing scheme for sustainable energy and climate action plan projects (EPC, Green Bonds, Citizens Financing – crowdfunding and cooperatives), 2020.

In the news

Conference of Mayors: Translating the EU Green Deal into local actions

The high level event, titled Conference of Mayors: Translating the EU Green Deal into local actions, was organised by the Flemish Government within the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council. The event took place in Brussels on the 15th of March 2024, split between morning sessions hosted by the European Parliament, and 3 afternoon parallel sessions hosted by the Committee of the Regions.

The Belgian EU Presidency Conference welcomes a session on climate neutrality

As the Belgian EU Presidency Conference draws near in Brussels, the crucial involvement of FEDARENE Board Members takes center stage during a dedicated session focused on the pursuit of climate neutrality.