EU Green Week 2021: zero pollution ambition

The next EU Green Week will be dedicated to EU’s zero pollution ambition. Become an event partner until the 15th of April!

EU Green Week 2021: zero pollution ambition

Pollution is the underlying root cause of many health and environmental issues. According to the World Health Organization, it kills about 7 million people worldwide every year, making it a far worse health issue than a pandemic. On top of it, pollution causes the depletion of biodiversity and affects entire ecosystems. Unsurprisingly, the EU’s zero pollution ambition is put under the spotlight under this year’s Green Week.

Every year, the EU Green Week brings together stakeholders, policymaker, environmentalists and other interested groups from every part of Europe to discuss challenges affecting our environment. As part of the Green Deal, the Commission has developed an action plan called “Towards a Zero Pollution Ambition for Air, Water and Soil” that seeks to prevent further pollution and promote pollution reduction.

The EU Green Week will be held from the 1st of June until the 4th of June under a digital event. The Green Week will be kickstarted on the 31st of May in the 2021 Green capital in Lathi, Finland. The Green Week will host conferences and virtual exhibition booths.

To find more information about the event, go to the website.

Become an event partner!

To complement the Green Week, organisations are invited to organise an event around the time of the conference from the 3rd of May until June the 13th June. Events should treat environmental issues, such as industry, chemicals, energy, mobility, agriculture and fisheries, biodiversity, or climate.

It is encouraged to organise different events such as workshops, seminars or public discussions organised at different regional levels. Partner events aim to raise awareness around the political and health issue that is pollution.

Read the event guidelines.

The registration deadline to become an event partner has been extended until the 15th of April.

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