Cargo bikes – an asset for a sustainable transport system

A hybrid event to discover how smaller cities can act as change drivers in transforming the logistics of municipalities, businesses and social & cultural institutions.

The 14 October 2021 Västergatan, 35230 Växjö, Sweden

Through pilot initiatives within the CoBiUM project, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS) explored the success factors and challenges of establishing cargo bikes in cities and organizations. To discuss the examples and methods to overcome those challenges and how to address your community’s transportation needs in small and medium-sized cities, join this hybrid event on 14 October, in Växjö, Sweden and online.

Please register before 7 October.


Introduction – Effect and impact as municipalities offer cargo bike lending schemes to businesses, citizens, and internally to service departments. 

Keynote speaker – Richard Armitage, Executive Director of European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)

Panel talks – The CoBiUM experience – inspiration and new opportunities.

Successful implementation and development of methods to introduce and promote cargo bikes. In this panel you have the chance to explore the different dimensions of it as it is applied to different target groups:

  • Businesses – discovering likely types of operations
  • Citizens – adapting the method to the level of bike culture
  • Municipal services – leading by being a good example

Workshop – There are different ways and levels to start implementing cargo bikes in your city. Explore your possible path and find out how to kick-start the modal shift in your organization and/or area.