Celsius talk: 5th generation heat networks in Europe!

What is the Fifth Generation District Heating and Cooling, and what does it contain? Join this Celsius talk to know more about experiences from projects like RELaTED!

From the 29 September 2021 10:00am to the 29 September 11:00am

The topic of the upcoming webinar is Fifth Generation District Heating and Cooling, a concept that has become more and more frequently used in the sector, but there is no consensus on what it contains.

We will discuss different approaches to 5GDHC and examples from projects. In this webinar, Celsius collaborates with the projects CoolDH, RELaTED and D2Grids. We promise many interesting discussions to take part in.

Herman Eijdems (Mijnwater Energy B.V.), representing D2Grids
Uffe Schleiss (Høje-Taastrup Kommune), representing COOL DH
Olaia Eguiarte (TECNALIA), representing RELaTED


Alessandro Provaggi, Head of DHC+ Platform c/o Euroheat & Power