Clean energy for EU islands Energy Academy – Cyprus Edition

Cyprus stakeholders: take part in the webinar and learn how the Secretariat can support you in implementing clean energy projects.

From the 14 June 2021 10:00am to the 14 June 11:30am

The event will be held in Greek without translation. 

On June 14, the Clean Energy for EU islands secretariat organises its first Energy Academy focusing on the island of Cyprus.

This first session will offer the opportunity to become familiar with phase II of the secretariat, discuss the national policy framework for energy transition, and get inspired by other energy projects on the island. The workshop will be an opportunity for participants to meet like-minded islanders and stakeholders of the clean energy transition and have strategic discussions on how to advance the clean energy transition of Cyprus. 

The secretariat team aims to help islanders to select, evaluate, execute and communicate about energy transition projects through a series of Energy Academy sessions. You can learn more about the purpose of the Energy Academy by joining this first session!

Check out the agenda.