Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit: Calling for European Climate Action Projects 

Apply for the Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit call for European climate action projects by 8 January 2024. Selected initiatives will be presented at the summit’s Pitch Corner and featured on the Cartography for Action platform, fostering recognition and visibility for impactful climate solutions.

From the 08 February 2024 to the 09 February 2024 Liège Belgium

The Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit call is now open! Scheduled for 8 and 9 February 2024 at the Palais des Congrès in Liège, Belgium, this event is set to be a gathering of over 800 non-state actors, local and European representatives, fostering inclusivity in climate discussions. It seeks to spotlight and promote innovative climate initiatives geared fostering resilience. 


With a diverse agenda including workshops, field visits, a gala evening, and plenary sessions, the summit aims to facilitate exchanges on specific solutions aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal. The focal point will be the creation of the ambitious “Liège Declaration“, a significant step in the Belgian Presidency of the Environment and Climate Council’s efforts to shape a renewed European Green Deal post-2024. Wallonia’s role in enhancing coordination on climate adaptation and environmental risks across Europe is pivotal to the event’s overarching goal.

Call for Contributions 

In an effort to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change, the Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit is extending an invitation to European entities committed to climate adaptation.  
The summit organizers are actively seeking participation from local authorities, businesses, associations, trade unions, scientific bodies, youth and women’s organizations, farmers’ organizations, educators, and concerned citizens. The objective is to encourage the submission of climate action projects that can contribute to the discourse on climate adaptation

Themes for Climate Action Projects

Projects are encouraged to align with the following themes, with a preference for those related to adaptation to climate change: Agriculture – Food, Biodiversity – Forestry – Land use, Water, Education – Training, Renewable energy, Climate financing, International cooperation, Housing – Sustainable construction, Mobility – Sustainable transport, Oceans – Coastline, Planning – Regional development – Sustainable cities, Multi-level governance 

Why Participate 

Participation offers a platform to share experiences, successes, and challenges, fostering multi-stakeholder engagement in various climate action sectors, particularly adaptation.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity to enhance the visibility of projects. Selected initiatives have the opportunity to be presented at the event’s Pitch Corner—a distinguished space within the summit – and to be showcased on the Cartography for Action platform – a growing map highlighting best practices in Europe. 

Submission Details 

To be eligible, contributors must be non-state actors with ongoing projects located in the European Union. The submission deadline for projects is 8 January 2024. Interested entities can submit their projects through the provided link below.