European Energy Efficiency Conference 2021

Boosting economic recovery with energy efficiency – this is the focus of the next European Energy Efficiency Conference from 22 – 24 June 2021 in Wels/Austria.

From the 23 June 2021 to the 25 June 2021 4600 Wels, Haute-Autriche Autriche

What is it all about?

Europe has the ambitious goal of becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The Green Deal and the EU Climate Law are first concrete steps. The current economic challenges are also an opportunity to accelerate decarbonisation and to create a fairer society and a more competitive economy. In 2021, the conference – which attracts over 400 participants from over 50 countries each year – shows how we can make a green recovery happen in practice and how energy efficiency as an investment engine can contribute to this deep transformation.

Energy efficiency ↔ Economic recovery

New in 2021

  • Update Green Deal
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Energy Efficiency & Green Recovery
  • Climate neutrality
  • Meet2Talk

Conference fee 2021 (335 Euro) includes:

  • Energy Efficiency Policy Conference (25 February)
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference (25 February)
  • Smart E-Mobility Conference (26 February)
  • Innovation Workshops (25 February)
  • Young Energy Efficiency Researchers Conference (24 February)
  • Site Visits “Energy Efficiency” (26 February afternoon)

Fee also includes an entrance ticket to the tradeshow and conference documentation. All fees plus 10 % VAT.

This will be both an online and in-person event.

Topics for the “Call for Papers & Speakers”

  • policies, technologies and markets (local, regional, national, EU level; specific sectors, e.g. domestic/commercial/industrial/public)
  • business models
  • research results and innovation in products, services and technologies
  • economic, political and social impacts of energy efficiency improvements
  • policies, legislation, programmes to develop energy efficiency markets, implementation of relevant EU directives (EED, EPBD, Ecodesign etc.)
  • financing energy efficiency investments
  • initiatives to make Europe the global number 1 in energy efficiency
  • best practice solutions
  • energy efficient buildings, processes, methods, appliances, equipment and installations, energy efficiency in industry and transport
  • awareness raising for energy efficiency, marketing of energy efficiency products and services
  • standardisation, quality criteria, quality management
  • energy performance indicators/benchmarks
  • combination of energy efficiency with renewable energy sources
  • decreasing investment costs, improving performance and consumer satisfaction
  • pilot projects, information and training
  • results of EU-funded projects

Further information