Greening the Islands e_Convention

The GTI e_Convention is a global event dedicated to innovative solutions for the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands.

From the 19 October 2021 to the 21 October 2021

The GTI e_Convention is a global event dedicated to innovative solutions for the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands and includes the International Conference, now in its 8th edition, and the Exhibition.

The event, entirely digital, represents an opportunity for islands stakeholders around the world to connect with governments, corporates and academia sharing their common experiences through a digital platform, match island needs and innovative solutions, and learn from islands best practices at the GTI Awards. ADMISSION IS FREE!

About the event

The Greening The Islands e_Convention – International Conference and Exhibition focus on how policy and finance need to sit at the same table with sustainable technological innovation and with joint efforts can become drivers for islands’ sustainable growth.

The International Conference will offer a focus on national, regional and international tenders and calls for innovation with the objective of promoting coalitions of high-expertise institutions, industry associations, corporates, academia and civil society. The networking is encouraged during the entire event and can continue before and after through the innovative GTI App, the first social network dedicated to islands.

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The Greening the Islands Awards give the opportunity to identify and disseminate innovative and replicable projects in the field of sustainability.
All the islands’ administrations of the world are allowed to participate with projects and policies related to the following categories:

  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Governance and inclusion

Admission is open to all island governments, also in association with other public bodies or private companies involved in the project or policy which is candidate within one of the above categories.

To participate in the contest, islands candidates are required to join the GTI Observatory. As Entry Island, free of charge, they have the opportunity to be part of a global network of islands committed to become zero-emission and to access webinars on the most innovative island solutions.