Grenoble – 2022 European Green Capital!

Grenoble is a frontrunner in sustainable change, striving to make the city more resilient to climate change. Its efforts are being officially recognised by being awarded the European Green Capital Award!

The 15 January 2022

In the face of the urgency of climate change and in the context of a global health crisis, our cities must commit to change towards a sustainable future. Each year, the European Commission awards a European Green Capital title to a city that would be a frontrunner in sustainable change, where realistic and ambitious urban policies are implemented to mitigate pollution and biodiversity loss and make the city more resilient to climate change.

Green Capitals inspire others and are inspired by other cities in Europe and the world. Resilient cities that respect all living beings and guarantee safety. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment and the City of Grenoble invites you to the Opening and Handover Ceremony between Lahti and Grenoble for the European Green Capital 2022 Award on Saturday 15 January 2022 in Grenoble, France.

This event will mark the official start of Grenoble’s year as European Green Capital 2022, taking over from Lahti European Green Capital 2021. The ceremony will be attended by

  • Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic;
  • Mr. Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries;
  • Mr. Eric Piolle, Mayor of Grenoble and;
  • Mr. Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti

The year 2022 in Grenoble will take place under the umbrella of green innovation and environmental action and around three major axes: science, citizen participation and culture. This day of festivities and events will be based on these three founding pillars:

  • Science, because this allows us to learn about our environment, and about what changes and what does not. Each month, the multidisciplinary Science Council will organise a “State of Play and Controversies” debate on the transition themes that will be chosen throughout the year. This is essential to take action, and to move from ideas to solutions. An escape game for the whole family will be organised during the day to explore how the environmental transition can be achieved with the help of science.
  • Citizen participation, because nothing of importance will be done without or against the wishes of our city’s inhabitants – and more generally, nothing will be done without or against the interests of our citizens. Public decision-making must be brought back to the centre of the population. A young European citizens’ dialogue on climate will take place during the day.
  • Culture, because we need to open up a new world, to explore new and imaginary worlds, and to strive for beauty. The climate and environmental emergency will be represented through artistic performances.

Don’t forget to register by 27 December 2021.

Due to the public health situation, this event may be subject to changes or restrictions. Stay tuned for updates.

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