Islands as leaders towards net-zero: from clean energy vision to energy action

Join this discussion on how islands can become powerful drivers of Europe’s clean energy transition?

The 14 October 2021

Jointly hosted by the Clean Energy for EU islands secretariat and the EU Island facility – NESOI, with the participation of local authorities and EU decision-makers, this session will highlight a number of tools and networks that can support islands in their energy transition ambitions and provide examples and testimonials from island representatives on their experiences in project implementation.


  • Marina Montero Carrero, Energy Strategy and Policy, Clean energy for Islands Secretariat, Belgium


  • Nuria Albet-Torres, Coordinator, La Palma Renovable, Spain.
  • Pau De Vilchez Moragues, Deputy director & Lecturer in International Law, University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) – Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC), Spain
  • Andrea Martinez, Deputy Managing Director, Sistema Iniziative Locali, Italy