Low Noise Road Surfaces – Webinar

Are noisy roads a concern in your community? Discover practical solutions and success stories at the upcoming webinar hosted by the European Commission, on the 6th February 2024, Online.

The 06 February 2024 from 09:00 to 15:30 Brussels time

In alignment with the Zero Pollution Action Plan, the European Commission is actively working towards a 30% reduction in chronic disturbances caused by transport noise. As outlined in the recent Report to the European Parliament and the Council, achieving this reduction involves various measures, including the introduction of quiet surfaces during road repaving, utilizing the Green Public Procurement guidelines.

To facilitate the understanding and implementation of low noise road surfaces, the Commission is hosting a webinar tailored for local authorities. This webinar will take place online, on 6 February 2024, from 09:00 to 15:30 (CET time zone) and aims to provide practical insights and knowledge derived from past EU-funded projects and engineered solutions.


09:00 – 09:15Introduction
09:00 –
Solutions/success stories from EU-funded projects
11:15 –
Coffee break
11:30 –
Panel 1 discussion: Technical challenges of low noise asphalt mixture production and use
12:30 –
Lunch break
13:30 –
Panel 2 discussion: Integrating new solutions into action plans for noise reduction
14:30 –
Panel 3 discussion: Standardization challenges
15:15 –

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and engage in discussions that contribute to a quieter and more sustainable future. Join us in exploring the advancements in low noise road surfaces and their potential impact on reducing transport-related disturbances.

Interested participants are strongly recommended to pre-register to secure a place for this informative event, with limited availability.