Join us on October 3rd, 2023, from 10:00 to 11:30 for an enlightening webinar. Discover how to establish energy community one-stop-shops with insights from seasoned experts, real-world examples, and interactive discussions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and network.

The 03 October 2023 from 10:00 to 11:30 Brussels time

Join the Energy Communities Repository’s Webinar “SETTING UP COMMUNITY ENERGY ONE-STOP-SHOP” on 3 October 2023, from 10:00am to 11:30am (Brussels time). In this upcoming webinar, we will introduce tailored information for those looking to establish a one-stop-shop for energy communities, as contained the forthcoming guidance document from the ECR – Energy Community Repository. The content of the webinar has been developed through a combination of insights gathered from established one-stop-shops across various EU countries, an in-depth analysis of relevant literature, and the lessons learned from dedicated projects in this field. 

The webinar offers a source of inspiration and knowledge for those considering the creation of energy community one-stop-shops. We will draw from real-world examples and past initiatives, offering practical instances and utilizing the expertise gained from previous endeavors. 

Furthermore, the webinar will showcase three speakers who represent one-stop-shops. They will share their firsthand experience, providing you the opportunity to engage directly with them. This interactive session promises informative discussions, the chance to ask questions, and the valuable opportunity to networking. 

Check out the agenda below:

Time Presentation Speaker Duration 
10:00 Introduction and agenda presentationMarta Lupattelli and Élodie Bossio10 minutes 
10:10 Asenovgrad: firsthand experience Ivanka Pandelieva-Dimova 20 minutes 
Q&A session 5 minutes 
10:30 Fundación Asturiana de la Energía (FAEN): firsthand experience Cesar Valmaseda  20 minutes 
Q&A session 5 minutes 
10:50 Sustainable Energy Authority  of Ireland (SEAI): firsthand experience Ruth Buggie  20 minutes 
Q&A session 5 minutes 
11:10 Wrap up and conclusion Marta Lupattelli  5 minutes