Smart City Expo 2023: Where Innovation Meets Urban Transformation

The Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 is taking place in Barcelona from 7-9 November. With a hybrid approach combining physical presence and a digital program, this event unites +25,000 attendees within 140 countries, from global urban innovators to executives, and academics.

From the 07 November 2023 to the 09 November 2023 08001 Barcelona, Catalonia Spain

In the heart of the digital age, a new urban era is unfolding, marked by AI-driven designs, net-zero infrastructure, and eco-friendly mobility solutions. As cities embrace a transformative wave, the Smart City Expo 2023, set to unfold from 7-9 November at Fira Barcelona, stands as the world’s leading event for cities. It gathers over 600 speakers, from urban development visionaries to executives, city representatives, and academics from every corner of the globe. From environmental consciousness to ethical tech, this edition promises to be the biggest to date and seeks to return in full force of the urban innovation ecosystem

Why Attend? 

The Smart City Expo 2023 promises to be the biggest to date and seeks to return in full force of the urban innovation ecosystem, showcasing a myriad of smart solutions that are currently revolutionizing urban spaces. From advanced technologies to sustainable infrastructure, these innovations are steering cities toward safer, greener, and more efficient pathways. Attendees can expect a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments reshaping our cities, making them resilient, and ensuring no one is left behind in the progress.

With over +25,000 attendees and +30,000 online attendees spanning various sectors, both public and private, and representing +800 cities from 140 countries, the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 offers a dynamic platform for networking and knowledge exchange. Explore 1,000+ exhibitors,

A New Hybrid System

In response to the evolving landscape, the Smart City Expo World Congress has embraced a powerful hybrid format since 2021. This blend of physical presence in Barcelona and a tailored digital program amplifies its reach and impact. The lessons learned from previous editions have paved the way for an enhanced cross-platform experience, offering endless opportunities for participants. 

Ethical Tech and Environmental Sensitivity

Ethics and environmental sensitivity are central themes driving the discussions at the Expo. As cities navigate the digital landscape, ethical tech practices ensure that technological advancements are aligned with human values and societal well-being. Moreover, an acute environmental awareness underscores the need for eco-conscious urban planning. From renewable energy initiatives to waste reduction strategies, cities are adopting environmentally friendly policies, making sustainability a priority.

Empowering People-Centric Urbanism

The future of urbanism lies in people-centric approaches. Smart cities are not merely about advanced technologies; they are about enhancing the quality of life for residents. This Expo emphasizes the importance of putting people’s needs at the center of urban agendas. By prioritizing citizen well-being, inclusivity, and social equity, cities can truly thrive, becoming vibrant, harmonious spaces for all.

Join the Urban Revolution 

The Expo serves as a global hub where leaders from innovative companies, governments, and organizations converge. It fosters partnerships and networks, creating an ecosystem where collaborative efforts thrive. Through shared knowledge and mutual inspiration, cities worldwide can pool resources and expertise, paving the way for effective urban transformation. Position your company and promote your solutions at the benchmark event for cities.