Solutions and Technologies for Deep Energy Renovation Processes Uptake

The StepUP project final conference will unveil innovative approaches for deep renovation, to contribute to the decarbonization of existing buildings and propel us towards achieving the EU’s 2050 decarbonization objectives.

The 24 April 2024 from 09:15 to 14:00 Brussels time

Speakers will introduce innovative methodologiesdigital tools, and plug-and-play technologies, highlighting their potential to transform existing buildings. Participants will explore cutting-edge smart tools tailored for the deep energy renovation market, promising streamlined processes and enhanced project outcomes.

The panel of speakers includes experts from IESEurecatMANNI Group – ISOPANABUDConstrucciones ACREnerginvestHeatVentors and the Municipality of 18th District of Budapest.

Moreover, plug & play technologies supporting retrofitting processes to real-world project pilots will be showcased, providing actionable insights for derisking investments and maximizing benefits.