Taking your first steps as an energy community

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The 13 July 2023 from 10:00 to 11:15 CET

Over the last years, more and more citizens, local authorities and businesses have thought about or started to set up their own energy community. Many questions reach us at the Energy Communities Repository about what governance model to choose, how to set up your first project, how to involve or attract new members…

This webinar will look to answer some of your questions, and point you to useful resources and things to keep in mind on your journey towards your first project. The webinar will provide an overview of elements to consider in the first stages, and you will have the opportunity to hear from and exchange your ideas with energy communities who have already taken their first steps.


  • Myriam Castanié, Energy Communities Repository
  • Märt Helmja, Community Manager, TÜ Energiaühistu (Estonia)
  • Chris Vrettos, Community Engagement Manager, Hyperion (Greece)