Unlocking Energy Efficiency: EIB’s ELENA Webinar Series

Dive into the future of sustainable energy development with the European Investment Bank’s ELENA webinar on 29 January 2024—unleashing insights on business leadership, renewable investments, and the key to unlocking a greener tomorrow.

The 29 January 2024 from 10:30 to 12:00 Brussels time

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is set to host its fourth webinar on the European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) grant facility, scheduled for 29 January 2024, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET on Zoom.

This edition of the ELENA webinar series emphasizes the role of business leadership in advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in buildings, along with supporting sustainable urban transport.


  1. Introduction (10:30 – 10:35): The webinar kicks off with a welcome from Katrina Sichel, the moderator.
  2. Putting the “ELENA Effect” into Motion (10:35 – 11:00): Louise White, Coordinator of the ELENA facility, and Assen Gasharov, Senior Expert from ELENA, will discuss how ELENA works, its impact, and how Member States can benefit nationally, regionally, and locally. They will provide insights into the ELENA grant application process and highlight eligible investment portfolios with real examples from ongoing projects.
  3. Open Discussion (11:00 – 11:40): Alice Morcrette, General Director of PASS Renovation, and Frederik Hindryckx, General Director of VEB, will engage in an open discussion about investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies in private homes and multi-apartment buildings.
  4. Closing (12:00): The webinar will conclude with a summary and closing remarks.

Practical Guidance and Multilingual Support

  • The webinar will be conducted in English, with simultaneous interpretation into French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions through the chat, providing an interactive and informative session.

Who Should Attend

The session is open to any interested party, offering practical guidance on preparing successful ELENA projects. Participants can connect with experts and peers, exchange ideas, and gain insights into fostering sustainable energy solutions.

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Discover the potential of the ELENA grant facility in driving energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Join the webinar to unlock opportunities and contribute to a sustainable energy future.