[ON HOLD] Urban Future Global Conference

The URBAN FUTURE organisation is on hold and will be back in Autumn.

From the 16 June 2021 to the 18 June 2021

[ON HOLD] Urban Future Global Conference

[Due to the pandemic, organisers are currently working out a digital alternative for Autumn]

The URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. But it is also so much more than that. It’s a community of passionate CityChangers from all over the world.

Active, passionate and visionary decision-makers – we call them CityChangers – are the ones who drive change and create sustainable urban spaces.

Are you making your city greener, happier, healthier, and more sustainable? Let’s get going then! Join the revolution for better cities and be part of UFGC21 in Rotterdam.

What is it all about ?

  • Urban Mobility: Whether you want to get cars off of streets, to become the new cycling capital, or to encourage more men to take public transport, you’ll soon run into both systemic and behavioural obstacles. Learn how to overcome them: by, for and with the next generation.
  • Skills & Leadership: Any project’s success depends on leaders who are able to convene a powerful team, who nurture their followers and teach the skills they learned by winning and making mistakes along the way. Let’s listen to and connect with some of the most exciting urban leaders around.
  • Circular: Looking back, we’ll be puzzled by how we could think it was normal to simply throw away so much stuff. When recounting how we got ourselves out of this literal mess, we’ll be more baffled still. It’s people like you and me who just did things differently.
  • Districts: People identify with their neighbourhoods. Discover how to make them livable (again), where architecture and district visions are going hand in hand, and what brownfield redevelopments can do for better cities.

The four focus areas are changing from year to year, taking into consideration any input we get from local and international stakeholders.

The next UFGC edition in Rotterdam will shape around the following core themes.

Who’s there ?

At UFGC you will meet the most passionate, innovative and inspiring professionals from businesses, real estate, architecture and urban planning, start ups, cities and municipalities, research, innovation and science, national/regional government, NGOs…

More information and updates, visit the website.