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When subsidies run out: From public funding to innovative financing instruments for local energy transition

Join PROSPECT+ on 15 November for a Policy Dialogue webinar to discuss how cities can shift from relying on public funding to successfully using innovative financing instruments when subsidies are limited.

The 15 November 2023 from 10:30 to 12:30 Brussels time

The PROSPECT+ team is bringing together public authorities and municipal energy agencies with representatives of EU institutions and private investors to talk about cities’ and regions’ priorities, needs, and challenges that impact the speed of the energy transformation on the local level.

The Policy Dialogue webinar will highlight the findings from Prospect+ consultations on public authorities’ attitudes to innovative financing instruments and to decreasing reliance on traditional subsidies. Speakers will explore the needs and the barriers cities face when public funding for their energy transition is limited. The team will share recommendations, postulates, and successful examples of projects which, despite challenges, did not rely solely on subsidies. As part of the continuous dialogue, representatives of EU institutions and private investors will give an overview of support opportunities and initiatives under development.   



Welcome & Introduction  
Results of the ongoing consultations under PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue: an overview of the priorities, needs and barriers public authorities have raised and their universality across Europe. 
Sylwia Słomiak, Eurocities / PROSPECT+ 
Success stories and success factors Examples of projects implemented or tested with reduced dependence on subsidies, despite challenges.    Miguel Á. García-Fuentes, EU Projects Coordinator, Cartif, Spain Sanela Mikulčić Šantić, Cooperative Manager, Križevci, Croatia Sandrine Deternay, City of Albertville, France (TBC) 
Panel Discussion: The reality on the local level.  Recommendations for decision-makers to make innovative financing instruments more accessible to public authorities across Europe.    Vlasta Krmelj, Mayor of Selnica ob Dravi and CEO of ENERGAP, Slovenia Alicia Villazan Cabero, Project Manager, Valladolid City Council, Spain Jolein Schorel, Municipality of Amersfoort, the Netherlands Andrzej Łazęcki, Director of Municipal Economy and Climate Department, Kraków, Poland 
Q&A and discussion: comments from the audience and questions to the panellists.  All attendees (moderated by Sylwia Slomiak, Eurocities / PROSPECT+) 
Panel Discussion: Available and upcoming support programmes and the regulatory context. Latest support opportunities and the benefits of private capital for ensuring high impact of municipal projects.
Georg Houben, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER)
Allison Lobb, Executive Director, Bankers without Boundaries
Representative of CINEA (TBC) 
Discussion with the audience: Opportunities to implement large-scale energy investments with reduced use of subsidies: situation on the local level.  
Wrap-up and closing