Filip Dumitriu replaces Dominique Bourges as FEDARENE’s Director

After more than 30 years of dedication to our European network of regions and energy agencies, Dominique Bourges retires. Filip Dumitriu replaces her as Director of FEDARENE with support from Elodie Bossio as Deputy Director.

Filip Dumitriu replaces Dominique Bourges as FEDARENE’s Director

A substantial contribution to sustainable energy

Dominique Bourges has been involved within FEDARENE since its inception in June 1990. During these 30+ years, her contribution to sustainable energy has been significant. She has coordinated and implemented numerous European projects, organised dozens of European conferences, established multiple working groups and capacity-building programmes for local and regional organisations – in particular for regions and local/regional energy agencies.

Dominique’s unique ability to bring together political leaders and sustainable energy experts across Europe has been fundamental to FEDARENE’s success. Today, as she retires after a fruitful career, FEDARENE and its members are grateful for her work and dedication.

More than 30 years of work in the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that characterises the relations within FEDARENE. 30 years based on strong cooperation, support, and help of the Presidents, Secretaries General, Treasurers, Vice-Presidents and Members. This is a special moment in my life to say goodbye; it brings to a close a career rich in experience and emotion. I wish to FEDARENE an ascensional and prosperous development.

Dominique Bourges – Former Director of FEDARENE

An experienced team to continue Bourges’ legacy

To replace Mrs. Bourges, Filip Dumitriu has been appointed as new Director of FEDARENE. Filip initially joined the Federation as a research and policy intern back in 2015. With his background in European Law and EU relations, Filip grew to take on extensive responsibilities across multiple areas including EU project development, implementation and management, capacity building towards local/regional stakeholders and EU communication.

He recently dedicated significant time to developing FEDARENE’s operations and services as well as strengthening its capacity to raise the voice of regions and energy agencies in key EU policies including the fit-for-55 package and the REPowerEU plan.

Dominique has been the spirit of FEDARENE for over 30 years, bringing the local perspective into the EU agenda and helping regions from across Europe to carry out their energy transformation. We thank her for teaching us how to build a community of experts based on human interaction and trust. It is a great responsibility to continue her work, but with our growing young team in Brussels we are ready to take on the challenge. Climate neutrality is our endgame, European cooperation is our method, and the impact of our Members is our driver. We look forward to engaging further with the EU Institutions and European partners to turn this vision into reality.

Filip Dumitriu – New Director of FEDARENE

Filip will be supported by Elodie Bossio to fulfil his new mission through her new role as Deputy Director. Elodie has more than 15 years of experience in the sustainable energy sector, most of them spent at FEDARENE working on project management and implementation. Through her work, she supported the development of multiple EU initiatives on energy and climate issues, and expanded FEDARENE’s network of partners and friends.

FEDARENE Members and board members have warmly welcomed the new management, as shown by these messages from our President and Secretary General:

Now, we need to deliver more than ever. The future of Europe and its energy transition rely on regions and cities. I am confident that Mr Filip Dumitriu, our new Director and his team will be able to continue the excellent work of Ms Dominique Bourges so far and that FEDARENE will remain a key partner for energy agencies, regions and the European Commission in facilitating our sustainable future.

Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE

FEDARENE is indebted to the work of Dominique over the past 30 years and we hope she enjoys the next phase of her life. Filip and Elodie understand the values and key objectives of FEDARENE and bring a wealth of knowledge and networks from their work in the sector. As Secretary General I look forward to working with them, the FEDARENE Brussels team, our Vice Presidents and members to deliver on our ambitions.

Seamus Hoyne, Secretary General