Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023: Vote for your favourite projects

Over 220 projects from 18 countries are now open for public online voting as part of the Green Solutions Awards competition, aimed at inspiring professionals and accelerating decarbonisation in the construction sector.

Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023: Vote for your favourite projects

First stage of the competition completed: nearly 220 projects have been validated to participate in the
Green Solutions Awards. Accessible on the Construction21 platform, they can now be viewed and
distributed. They will be decided through an online voting campaign (General Public) while waiting to
be evaluated by expert juries. The objective is to inspire professionals so that the solutions already
implemented in these buildings, districts, and infrastructures can be replicated and thus accelerate the
decarbonisation of the sector.

A record number of candidates

This edition of the Green Solutions Awards has a record number of participants, with 219 registered
Divided into 173 buildings, 15 districts and 31 infrastructures, these candidates are all
sources of inspiration for those involved in construction and the city. For you, journalists, these are also
ideas for files, reports, articles…They can put you in touch with project holders!

Eighteen countries are represented. Belgium, China, France, and Morocco, but also Canada, Scotland,
Portugal, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, or Jordan.

What trends?

More than a contest, the Green Solutions Awards are an effective tool for observing trends in
sustainability through the exemplary achievements that emerge. While waiting for a more detailed
analysis that you can discover on Construction21, here are the first lessons.

On the building side, same level as housing and the tertiary sector, they note the strong participation of
schools (especially in France, Portugal and Spain). Note also the presence of more atypical projects: a
church, several canteens and restaurants, a guardhouse, archives, a museum, a sanitary pavilion, a
circus… Passive construction is also well represented.

On the infrastructure side, there is still a lot of variety, with many examples of reuse, use of renewable
energies (such as heating networks), interior layouts or landscaping, or even walkways.

A national but also international contest

These buildings, districts, and infrastructures are in the running to win the various prizes offered (Hot
Climates prize, Low-Tech prize, Urban Renovation Grand Prize, Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize,
etc.). The first round is played at the national level then the second at the international level, with the
possibility of winning the Grand Prize of the Green Solutions Awards. The closing ceremony is
scheduled for COP28 in Dubai in the presence of all national and international authorities

On the national level, several selections are in place to decide between the competing projects:

Experts’ voice

A dozen of jurors will be recruited. Their specialists with varied profiles – architects, engineers, network
heads, planners, promoters, specialised journalists, etc. – will analyse the applications to arrive at a
consensual list of winners.

Online votes: it’s the public’s turn!

The public is invited to vote online on Construction21 for their favourite candidates. The meter will stop
on 28 April at 12 p.m (Paris Time). The building, district, and infrastructure that will have garnered the
most votes will receive the User’s Choice Award.

The national winners will be revealed on Construction21 the first half of July. Be patient a little longer!