Join the EUCF Investors Network

Are you a financial institution operating at EU level or at national level in one of the EU member states or UK? Join the EUCF investors network.

Join the EUCF Investors Network

The European City Facility (EUCF) is looking for financial institutions (both private and public) operating at the EU level or the national level in any of the EU member states or the UK.

The network is freely open to all investors on sustainable energy projects carried out by municipalities or local authorities.

The network will allow investors to engage with EUCF beneficiaries (up to 213 municipalities/local authorities or their groupings) seeking opportunities to finance sustainable energy actions all across the European Union and the UK.

In particular, investors will be involved in matchmaking activities with the EUCF beneficiaries, successfully developing a complete investment concept including all the elements investors need for the evaluation of a proposal for sustainable energy projects.

Joining EUCF will also give investors the possibility of networking at the European level with other financial institutions.

The European City Facility successfully closed the first call for applications on the 2nd of October, receiving 257 proposals. The initiative aims to support municipalities in developing robust and complete investment concepts, by providing them with financial support in the form of €60.000 lump sum.

For further information, please visit the Facility’s website.

Join the EUCF network here.