Large number of cities seek to boost energy investments

167 local authorities applied to the 5th Call of the European City Facility, closed on the 30th of June. 70 of them will receive 60.000 Eur each for their sustainable energy projects.

Large number of cities seek to boost energy investments

With 167 applicants for the 5th call of the European City Facility (EUCF), local governments from across Europe are demonstrating a high commitment to developing financing models for local energy actions. Overall, the number of applicants has increased by almost 30% since the previous call in October 2022.

Out of the applicants, 70 will be selected as beneficiaries and receive EUR 60,000 each to develop their investment concepts for energy efficiency projects.

The EUCF grant is not intended to directly finance implementation but rather serves to access services and develop investment concepts for climate and energy actions.

The results of the 5th call will be communicated to the selected applicants in September and subsequently published on the EUCF website.

Two more calls are yet to take place in the EUCF, providing funding opportunities for over 100 additional applicants. Stay informed by signing up for the ‘Call Alert‘ to receive updates.

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