Roger Léron Award 2019 Nominee



Małgosia Bartosik holds the position of Deputy CEO at WindEurope, the European association for wind energy.  She has been working for the organisation (earlier EWEA) for 15 years and during this time has been a very active and creative wind energy advocate. 

Małgosia is a real power woman – she has the energy, and the charisma necessary to run a big international industry association, to proactively shape the regulatory and market environment for renewables development in Europe and outside of Europe. Being a wind advocate is not only her work, but clearly her passion and mission. Quite recently, togetherwith two friends, she wrote and published a children’s book (“Let the wind blow”) on climate change and how wind energy helps combat it and support the European economy.   It has been translated into over 10 European languages and is being circulated in schools across Europe.


Małgosia is a person of enormous creativity and proactiveness – to mention just a few examples – the children’s book on wind and the RE-Source platform she brought to life with Solar Europe and other partners. Her ideas are paving a way to the new era in renewables’ development.

Another initiative she undertook was the creation of the “RE-Source Platform” for renewable energy producers and corporate buyers of electricity.  She created this with Solar Power Europe and other partners 2 years ago.  The Platform now runs B2B matchmaking events all over Europe and had helped drive a rapid increase in corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements.  The main annual RE-Source conference gathers over 1,000 people.


Małgosia is very much involved in the actions meant to present stakeholders – especially decision-makers, with the clear vision how renewables can actually boost economies of particular states and the whole EU. Małgosia, though based in Brussels and working on an international level, very much supports the energy transition in Poland – her homeland. She is very involved in promoting the just transition processes of the post-coal regions in Poland.


Małgosia has a deep knowledge on the functioning of the power markets, especially in terms of renewables, all over Europe. She knows the trends and she is always willing to share her experience with local associations, where the development of renewables is not so advanced yet. Małgosia shows the way the markets shall develop and by doing this helps wind industry in particular markets get ready – the best example is the RE-Source platform first established on the EU level now expanding to local, regional markets, for example the RE-Source Poland Hub, which has been recently established under the auspices of RE-Source platform.


I believe the examples I provided above are sufficient to describe Małgosia‘s charisma, her leadership as well as the way she inspires and engages WindEurope employees, wind industry representatives all over Europe and ordinary people by teaching them what renewables are and what opportunities they provide.