2016 News


Special Jury Award, for the 2nd Edition of the Roger Léron Award in 2016, received by late Marc Théry (France), a powerful initiative spirit devoted to optimizing its territory’s potential.


Mr Marc Théry, Energy consultant, France
→ A powerful initiative spirit devoted to optimizing its territory’s potential

Engineer, late Marc THÉRY first developed a highly technical career in medium-sized industrial companies. In 2001, he left an industrial group following a strategic dispute over the relocation of activities in China. Alerted by the “energy infusion” that lacked free choice for consumers, he became very interested in energy issues. This led him to work as a consultant in 2004, concentrating on the energy issues of businesses and territories.

Actions undertaken:

  • Mr Théry was one of the main players of the energy approach taken in 2005 by the “Communauté de Communes du Mené”. This small territory of 6,500 people in Brittany targets energy autonomy by mobilizing all of its potential resources in ENR (biomass, sun, wind) and developing its economy around renewable energy technologies.
  • He supervised work for Cuma Ménergol (cooperative for the use of agricultural equipment): the creation of a rapeseed oil mill dedicated to fuel, managing of the district heating plant and solar thermic solutions, among others.
  • Mr Théry also helped develop “Menerpôle”, a business incubator for companies in the field of sustainable energy.
  • Consultant with other French local authorities and industries for energy diagnostic studies, Mr Théry also provided project management assistance missions in RES and awareness days/training for elected officials and workers.
  • He participated in research on territorial energy engineering with universities. He was associated with several commissions and think tanks, both regional and national, and maintained relationships with experts in RES in France, Germany and central and northern Europe.
  • Mr Théry contributed to the creation of a Master 2 “New and Renewable Energy” in Nantes, for which he gave forty hours of instruction, and was involved in several other pieces of training.
  • His blog “Territoire Energéthiques” was followed by many people from different horizons, where he didn’t hesitate to contradict the dominant discourse when necessary.

Multi-level impacts

  • By supporting a new path for the local development, Mr Théry helped reconvert the local economy formerly based on agriculture, and undergoing difficulties in recent times, creating new jobs and economic activity.
  • Mr Théry involvement with local elected officials as well as the population (workers) in a position of expert, but also of a businessman, has encouraged awareness on energy issues and business opportunities it represents for the community
  • The creation of a business incubator has also contributed to positioning the territory as a pole for research and innovation, increasing its attractiveness.
  • The choice to seek energy autonomy on the territory has reduced the Municipality’s dependence to national energy sources.
  • Mr Théry’s work in training and education has also allowed sharing this knowledge and story to the new generation, encouraging a replication process.
  • By keeping in contact with the research world and other actors in European countries, Mr Théry allowed good practices to be shared and implemented across the territory

Added value

Mr Théry’s return and involvement in his region of origin are quite impressive. Indeed, he used all his skills, as an engineer and a businessman, to help his municipality fully benefit from its sustainable energy potential. He managed to work with all actors involved (elected officials, local workers, experts) in order to reinvigorate the local economy.

He also was very proactive in his approach of co-operating with other European countries in order to replicate best practices.

Unfortunately, Mr Théry passed away last March. He will be deeply regretted for his human as well as for his professional qualities. That is why the jury decided that Mr Théry deserved a special Jury award, which was accepted by his lovely widow Jacqueline and Mr Aignel, Mayor of the Municipality of Le Mené.