AdEPorto – Porto Energy Agency is a private non-profit association with Public Utility, created on 1 March, 2007 at the initiative of the Municipality of Porto, with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Program.


AdEPorto – Porto Energy Agency is a non-profit private association with a Public Utility status, leading energy and climate strategies and policies at municipality level, with a focus on a just and sustainable transition. 

AdEPorto aims to cooperate with and provide technical support to municipalities in the definition, implementation and development of energy and climate strategies and action plans; promote the diffusion of innovative concepts and technologies for the efficient use of energy and local resources; promote and disseminate technical, legal, financial, and economic information among energy users and ensure the necessary training in the areas of expertise of AdEPorto.

AdEPorto is the energy agency of the Porto Metropolitan Area, North of the Douro River, aggregating 10 municipalities and 22 other associated institutions, both private and public, from different sectors including energy, water and waste utilities, technological institutes, consumer associations, professional associations, and universities. It covers a population of over 1 million people and an area of around 1.000km2. The agency is a non-profit private organization established in 2007, under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, and recognized as an entity of public utility since 2021.

AdEPorto is also a Covenant of Mayors Supporter, promoting the EU initiative, mobilizing, and supporting the municipalities to reach the Covenant’s objectives.

Mission: The agency mission is to promote innovation, as well as the exercise of good practices and examples to be followed by policy decision makers, citizens and other relevant stakeholders, contributing to sustainable development of the region.

Vision: AdEPorto aims to be a leading organization in addressing energy issues in the municipal domain, contributing to the transition to more efficient and sustainable energy systems.

Values: Innovation, Cooperation, Responsibility, Commitment towards sustainability