Architecture et Climat

Propose and validate solutions of resilience and innovation, at the scale of the built environment, to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Architecture et Climat

Architecture et Climat is a research unit of the LAB institute at UCLouvain.

Under the lead of Pr Sergio Algomonte, its objective is to develop and apply methods and tools to analyse and sustain individual and collective comfort and well-being, the rational use of resources, and the quality and performance of the internal and external environment of buildings in their different contexts.


Architecture et Climat’s methods is based on scientific rigour, and quantitative and qualitative research methods (experimental, monitoring, modelling, etc.), the projects conducted by Architecture et Climat aim at promoting resilience and innovation to :

  • Characterise the buildings of today and tomorrow and sustain their design, construction, operation, and renovation to improve their quality and energy performance and the comfort and well-being of users.
  • Promote strategies for the sustainable management of resources (circular economy, urban mining, etc.) considering environmental, social, and economic challenges at different temporal and spatial scales.
  • Transfer knowledge to building practitioners, professional bodies, students, and the public.