Bucharest Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Agency

The Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (AEEPM) is an independent legal entity, founded in 2007, at the initiative of the Local Council of Sector 1 of Bucharest, co-financed by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programe.

Bucharest Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Agency


The Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (AEEPM) is an independent legal entity, founded in 2007, at the initiative of the Local Council of Sector 1 of Bucharest, co-financed by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programe. It is a separate legal entity with its own statutes and is established as an NGO.

The Agency is a management unit for local, regional and national projects in the field of sustainable development, sustainable energy and environmental protection. The members of the organization are groups of consumers, producers and distributors of energy, social and business organizations and public authorities interested in implementing measures and action plans for the rational use of energy, as well as the development of renewable energy projects.

The Management Board is composed by representatives of public administration and private businesses and industries, as well as concerned associations, research bodies and universities.

  •  The bylaws of the agency guarantee its independence.
  •  Every Project have its own Management Board who will be the decision-makers for the project activities.
  •  The Management Board of the Agency are representatives of all the interested bodies in the district and none of these bodies on their own will be in a position to dictate the activities of the Agency.
  •  No category of the representatives will have more than 30% of the seats in the Management Board.

Mission and Objectives

The Agency was founded with the aim to setup a legal entity respected in the community of Bucharest, capable to capitalize expertize and capable to influence local and regional policies regarding energy use and new sources for green energy.

The main objectives of the Agency are related to the sustainable development of local communities:

  • promoting energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources
  • promoting projects related to the implementation of modern energy supply solutions
  • promoting projects related to the optimization of road traffic and non-polluting means of transport
  • the control and reduction of environmental pollution (water, air, soil, noise pollution) by promoting economical and clean technologies
  • promoting resource efficiency projects, reducing waste, selective waste collection and promoting resource reuse
  • promoting projects for optimizing energy consumption in public buildings
  • promoting the concept of NZeB building and National Renovation (energy efficiency for existing buildings)
  • education, awareness and dissemination of results as well as other measures to involve citizens in energy efficiency and environmental protection projects
  • support for local communities in developing and implementing Action Plans for sustainable development
  • collaboration with other agencies, other European organizations in order to facilitate the transfer of expertise and good practice in the field
  • facilitating access to funding sources, drafting and implementing projects in their own name or for other beneficiaries
  • providing technical assistance for the design, implementation and monitoring of projects as well as providing support for capacity building in the implementation of public policies in the field of sustainable energy and environmental protection

Areas of intervention:

The activities of AEEPM are centered around renewable energy sources and the environment. It serves as a management unit for projects in those fields.

The Agency carries out an Energy Management Plan for the Sector 1 of Bucharest in order to help rationalize energy management in Sector 1. This line of action can help save up to 10% in the public and private energy consumption sector. The Agency aims to help creating employment in the research on energy sources, and to promote sustainable development by the introduction of solar energy sources. It will promote the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources.
The introduction of “cleaner” energy sources will help directly improve the quality of air, thus providing a healthier environment for the citizens of Bucharest and can help reduce the carbon monoxide emissions up to 10%.
The Agency will promote energy conservation, thus contributing to improve the standard of dwellings and the general comfort of the inhabitants. Improvements can also be made in the transportation sector, which is known to be a significant source of pollution, by encouraging the use of alternative means of transportation then cars, or the use of alternative sources, like gas or electric energy in transportation.


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