Gran Canaria Island Energy Council 

The Gran Canaria Island Energy Council was created to achieve energy sovereignty on the island with renewable energies as the backbone.

Gran Canaria Island Energy Council 

The Gran Canaria Island Energy Council was created in 2015 to eliminate the barriers that slow down the development of a sustainable energy model on this island.

It has been designed to force an authentic change in the energy model aimed of Gran Canaria, aiming for energy sovereignty with renewable energies as the backbone. In recent years, it has been taking over competences on climate change adaptation and circular economy.

It was born with the intention of promoting clean energies, creating consortia with city councils and other institutions and taking advantage of the Cabildo’s assets (land, roofs, etc.) to make it a reality; to stimulate energy savings and efficiency policies in the facilities of the Cabildo, city councils, in homes and in different economic sectors; to promote R&D&i in the field of energy; to promote research, development and technological innovation; to train professionals and to create citizen awareness; to capture resources and return them to families, industries, public institutions…


The mission of the CIEGC is the implementation on the island of Gran Canaria of an alternative energy model to achieve maximum energy sovereignty in Gran Canaria through the use of Renewable Energies. To achieve this, it focuses its actions on the following areas:

  • Train professionals in the energy sectors in energy efficiency and train and raise awareness among citizens in a more efficient use of their energy demand;
  • Promote the use and implementation of renewable energies, as well as savings and efficiency in the energy sector through renewable energies;
  • Promote research, development and technological innovation in the energy sector through renewable energies;
  • Promote and develop operations regarding Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency on land, buildings and facilities of the Island Council;
  • Promote and develop with other public and private institutions operations in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency;
  • Promote the participation of companies and institutions from Gran Canaria in state and international energy programs.

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