Oeste Regional Energy Agency

OesteSustentável is a non-profit private association, whose mission is the promotion of integrated actions that contribute to a greater energy efficiency, to a rational use of energy, as well as the use and promotion of renewable resources.

Oeste Regional Energy Agency

Oeste Sustentavel is a non-profit private association whose mission is to promote integrated actions that contribute to greater energy efficiency, rational use of energy, and the use and promoting the use of renewable resources, in order to contribute to the Sustainability of the Western Region at a local level, as well as to Sustainable Development at a global level.

In 2010, the OesteSustentável Strategy was defined, based on five fundamental axes.


Make a strong commitment within the framework of the National and International Strategy for energy and Adaptation to climate change based on the following axes:

•            Axis I – Energy planning and sustainability,

•            Axis II – Energy efficiency, renewable resources and environment,

•            Axis III – Transport: sustainable mobility,

•            Axis IV – Creative education for sustainability,

•            Axis V – Communication actions, training, applications, and transversal projects.

The Mission, Vision and values by which OesteSustentável will govern its strategy as well as its work programs were also defined.


To be a model agency in the international context in the implementation of innovative projects and solutions for the promotion of Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Region. To constitute itself as the genesis of a new paradigm in the values of society in the promotion of Sustainable Development.


An innovative and comprehensive Agency that mobilizes all actors for the Sustainable Management process and outlines a Regional Strategy to Combat Climate Change.


Innovation, Cooperation, Rigour and Responsibility.

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