The main purpose of Valbiom is to promote and encourage the non-food valuation of biomass with all concerned parties, with the purpose of respecting principles of sustainable development.


Objectives of ValBiom

The Valbiom ASBL results from the synergy between BELBIOM and VALONAL, working both on the valorisation of non-food biomass with a concern for environmental protection, which merged on Jany 7 2002 to pool together their strengths in the interest of creating better coordination in the sector.

The association’s main purpose is to promote and motivate non-food valuation of biomass with all concerned parties regarding sustainable development.

ValBiom activities

Valbiom is active in the sector of non-food biomass valorisation.

Its activities cover the biomass energy sectors and those of renewable raw materials (biomass-chemistry). Valbiom is active on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Resources: flaxseed, rapeseed, cereal, chicory, beet, potato, miscanthus, hemp, slashes, short rotation coppice, by-products of the wood industry and the agro-food industry…
  • Processes: combustion, anaerobic digestion, cogeneration, gasification, plant chemistry, etc.
  • At the product level: solvents, surfactants, biopolymers, biolubricants, biomaterials, heat, green electricity, biofuels…

Valbiom works with representatives from the agricultural sector, the administration and political parties. Its members include individuals, communities, associations, industrials, scientific institutions, etc.

Its activities fall under both economic studies and research work.

Valbiom, through its collaboration with the Walloon Agronomic Research Center (CRA-W), welcomes students who carry out their thesis or an internship as part of their training.