Picardie Pass Renovation

Picardie Pass Renovation, the financial and technical instrument designed by the regional Public Office for Energy Efficiency

Picardie Pass Renovation

Committed to making the energy transition a reality, the Regional Council of Picardie (France) is now facilitating thermal renovation in buildings, by taking the lead in the pilot operation designed by the Public Energy Efficiency Initiative (PEEI), specifically for individual housing: Picardie Pass Rénovation.

This will be no small endeavour: the aim is to break the deadlock on the energy renovation market in private housing, by taking aim at the main barriers that keep household owners from making the decision to invest.

To take up the challenge, the Picardie Region established and now funds the first French regional Public Office for Energy Efficiency (POEE), which also enjoys financial support from Ademe and the European Union’s “Intelligent Energy Europe” (IEE) programme.

Its strength lies in its service chain:

  • End-to-end, customised technical support, to stimulate household demand;
  • An integrated third-party funding solution, making the necessary renovations affordable in both the immediate and longer-term futures, for as many households as possible;
  • Project execution assistance, to structure and improve local renovation supply;
  • This new public service sets the stage for a virtuous and long-lasting circle.
  • By increasing solvent supply for all construction and public works professionals;
  • Demanding, in return, upskilling on the part of sector players in order to achieve adequate energy performance levels;
  • And thereby fostering energy efficiency, the key requirement for third-party financing, which will ultimately be the main driver for mass demand and energy renovation in individual.