Policy consultation on financing for climate actions: your insights needed

Participate in PROSPECT+ upcoming events as a speaker or guest, share your valuable insights, and help shape policy recommendations for accelerating climate action and energy transformation while ensuring public authorities’ access to financing.

Policy consultation on financing for climate actions: your insights needed

In the pursuit of a sustainable and resilient future, the role of public authorities in driving climate action and energy transformation cannot be overstated. To effectively address the challenges posed by climate change, it is crucial to reduce dependence on subsidies and explore innovative financing options. Acknowledging the significance of this endeavour, PROSPECT+ is dedicated to amplifying the voices of public authorities and facilitating meaningful policy discussions.

Shaping policy recommendations

PROSPECT+ is committed to organizing policy-focused events that unite decision-makers and stakeholders. Through these gatherings, PROSPECT+ aims to facilitate improved access to financing options for public authorities, empowering them to bring their climate aspirations to life.

If you have experience in climate and energy-related projects and can offer observations on the impact of public authorities’ access to appropriate funding and financing, we eagerly anticipate your valuable input.

Your perspectives, insights, and recommendations hold immense value, and our platform is designed to empower you to voice your concerns and illuminate the barriers you encounter while seeking funding for your projects.

Upcoming opportunities for engagement

To ensure that public authorities’ valuable perspectives are heard, PROSPECT+ extends a warm invitation to participate in upcoming events as either a speaker or a guest.

In addition to sharing insights through speaking engagements, you can play an active role in shaping recommendations and agendas:

  1. PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue Events
  2. Session at the European Week of Cities and Regions: Happening on 12 October from 11:30 – 13:00, the registration is open.

How you can get involved

To participate and contribute to the policy dialogue events, please note that membership in the PROSPECT+ Community of Practice is required. Signing up is easy and grants you access to a dynamic network of like-minded individuals and experts dedicated to driving positive change. Register for the Community of Practice via this link.