REGILIENCE project aims to foster the adoption and wide dissemination of regional climate resilience pathways, following a demand-driven approach and bearing in mind the expertise and knowledge acquired, as well as the solutions available from Innovation Packages and other sources.


REGILIENCE available tools

Among other activities, the project developed different tools to support stakeholders in their adaptation pathways and compiles the various instruments developed by innovation actions.

Tools and solutions

Compilation of the different tools developed by the four projects involved (ARSINOE, IMPETUS, TransformAr, REGILIENCE).

Interactive Map

Map showcasing all the regions covered by the four projects involved. It includes a short description, information about several topics and a filtering option.

Funding Opportunities

Identification and easy-to-read display of the main funding opportunities supporting regional climate resilience at all stages of the implementation.

Maladaptation tool

Checklist of 17 questions, each one focusing on one risk factor of maladaptation. To help stakeholders assess the maladaptive potential of their project.

For more information, you can check out the tools on the REGILIENCE website through the “Resources” drop-down menu. We would especially like to bring your attention to the funding opportunities section since it could be of particular interest to you. It identifies current financial opportunities dedicated to supporting regional climate resilience on European and national levels.

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In the news

The European resilience landscape – a REGILIENCE open training session

The REGILIENCE team has held the first Open Training Session (OTS) of our series of capacity-building events for regional actors working on climate adaptation. This session focused on the EU resilience landscape and explored highly innovative EU initiatives and projects.

Meeting of FEDARENE Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change

More than 20 members joined the meeting of the FEDARENE Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change last week. The lively discussion on regional challenges and opportunities has resulted in action points to work on.

FEDARENE at the launch of the Community of Practice of the EU Mission Adaptation

FEDARENE was present as Friend of the Mission Adaptation and member of the consortium in charge of the Mission Implementation Platform (MIP).

FEDARENE members join the REGILIENCE project

Three out of the seven focus regions are FEDARENE members.

New resources on climate adaptation available

REGILIENCE tools on adaptation to climate change including overview of available fundings for regions are now available. Do not hesitate to take a look!

Melting glaciers require mitigation and adaptation – Opinion article

Melting glaciers are a critical probelm for many reasons. Their retreat threatens the stability of the water cycle, poses economic challenges to communities who live by them, and endangers species who depend on them. Adaptation measures can soften each of these blows.