ManagEnergy – Leaders in Energy Transition

ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy agencies to become leaders in the energy transition and to increase sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.

ManagEnergy – Leaders in Energy Transition

ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy agencies to become leaders in the energy transition and to increase sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.


ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy agencies to become leaders in the energy transition and to increase sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.

Information, know-how, visibility and networking opportunities are provided, together with support to local and regional energy agencies in delivering new services or boosting existing ones. Energy agencies are in a unique position to support the energy transition. In the regions and cities in which they are located, their role as project developers, aggregators, and facilitators for public authorities places them at the forefront of energy investments in Europe.

The focus of ManagEnergy, originally launched in 2002, is now on sustainable energy investments. A completely new website, social media presence, and communication tools will inform sustainable energy actors on the most recent developments in the area of energy efficiency policies and financing opportunities. Master Classes (by leading experts), Expert Missions (capacity building for selected energy agencies and their stakeholders), and annual Networking Events in Brussels will raise the skills of local and regional energy agencies in project financing and development.


The ManagEnergy Master Classes consist of tailor-made 3-day programmes in Brussels, delivered by leading energy experts and targeting senior and management level energy agency staff. Focusing on topics such as market facilitation, project development, financing solutions and other related topics the Master Classes will include lectures, workshop activity, case studies and guest lectures from agencies and representatives from the financial sector. Three different modules will be provided:

  • Module 1: Market Facilitation and Project Aggregation
  • Module 2: Involving Banks and Mobilising Private Investment
  • Module 3: Developing and Using Financial Instruments

Applicants may follow one or more modules depending on their needs. For all selected applicants, ManagEnergy covers course fees and provides financial support for travel and accommodation.

Leading Energy Experts

Delivered by leading energy experts over 3 days in Brussels, the Master Classes are targeted at senior and experienced energy agency staff who have the opportunity to lead the development of investments in sustainable energy projects in their region/city. It is supported by an online resource portal.

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ManagEnergy Expert Missions are highly customised missions that will last for three days and will include coaching sessions at the premises of selected energy agencies. The visiting expert, or experts, meet with and coach energy agency staff and key stakeholders (e.g. local authorities, financial institutions, investors etc.) to support the realisation of significant sustainable energy investments. The selection of the specific expert(s) and the work programme for the three days will be agreed between ManagEnergy and the host agency.

The host agency is responsible for providing the meeting facilities and for selecting and inviting stakeholders. ManagEnergy will cover all costs for the visiting expert(s).
The expert can also support the energy agency in analysing possibilities to finance new services and activities. The highly customised missions include meetings with regional/local stakeholders with the aim of overcoming barriers in relation to sustainable energy investments. The expert also gathers information about successful initiatives and projects developed by the host agency and shares them with the energy agency community and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).


The main goal of Networking events is to increase cooperation, knowledge and peer exchange between energy agencies across Europe. These events, dedicated for staff of energy agencies, will have a full day programme focused on discussion of new political and legal initiatives, financial services, and technical innovations. Network events will be followed by evening sessions with short presentations, ManagEnergy Talks, which will be public events, open to a larger audience, and consist of key note speeches by well-known experts in the field.

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A range of Public Talks are to be held in the evenings to inform interested stakeholders about the latest developments in energy efficiency financing and project development. The ManagEnergy Talks will represent the climax of the public events programme with a key-note speech by a well-known expert in the field of sustainable energy.

6th of June 218: Rob Hopkins
First Talk title: “Leading the energy transition: local action, large impacts”.
In this talk, Rob Hopkins will offer Learnings from the Transition movement, and how bottom-up change can make very real impacts. Weaving together stories from Transition initiatives around the world, he will give a sense of what a movement founded on the words ‘What If?’ looks like. He will explore why, in 2018, our collective imagination is in such a weakened state, and what a re-prioritising of the imagination in our schools, universities, media, activism, and politics might look like. Expect a thought-provoking session full of his ideas, and yours.

19th February 2019: Per Espen Stoknes
2nd Talk title: ”How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action”
Per Espen Stoknes, a psychologist with a PhD in economics is a TED Global speaker and serves as the director of the Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School. An experienced foresight facilitator and academic, he’s also a serial entrepreneur, including co-founding clean-tech company GasPlas. Author of several books, among them, Learning from the Future (2004, in Norwegian) Money & Soul (2009) and the “Outstanding Academic Title of 2015” award-winning book: What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming (2015).  Per Espen has the last year served as a member of the Norwegian Parliament.

11 September 2020: Cara Augustenborg
3rd talk title ”A holistic approach to energy transition”.
ManagEnergy has invited Dr. Cara Augustenborg, environmental scientist, Fellow in Environmental Policy at University College Dublin and an honorary member of the President of Ireland’s Council of State. She was recently named 2020 Woman of Influence at the Irish Women’s Awards and the Independent newspaper named her as one of the 20 people leading the low carbon transition in Ireland in 2016.

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Save the Date for the Virtual ManagEnergy Talk

Join us on 11th September for an interactive experience and an online Talk like you have never attended before, featuring Cara Augustenborg

Watch the virtual ManagEnergy Talk with Cara Augustenborg

For its third edition, ManagEnergy has invited Dr. Cara Augustenborg for a virtual chat, don't miss it!

Managenergy Expert Mission to Cyprus Energy Agency

In July 2019, Christiane Egger from the Upper Austria (OÖ ESV) Energy Agency visited the Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA) to carry out another ManagEnergy Expert Mission