ManagEnergy – Leaders in Energy Transition

The European Commission initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies

ManagEnergy – Leaders in Energy Transition

ManagEnergy is a European Commission initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies. It supports them to be leaders in the energy transition and to accelerate sustainable energy investments in regions and cities. It is based on the idea that energy agencies are in a unique position to facilitate sustainable energy investments in Europe, but also to support the development and implementation of concrete projects at local/regional level and trigger innovation.

The initiative was first launched by the European Commission in 2002 to support local and regional energy agencies, many of which have been created thanks to the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Since its launch, a series of contracts with different services providers has been used to support the implementation of the initiative. Between 2001 and 2015, ManagEnergy organised 45 capacity building workshops in different Member States and 33 networking events.

Over the years 2017-2020, the initiative delivered outstanding results, with a unique combination of capacity-building and networking activities: eight Master Classes, 21 Expert Missions, three Networking Events were organised, involving one-fourth of the 350 European energy agencies in 25 EU countries. Three ManagEnergy Talks have featured keynote speeches by high-level experts, stimulating debate and engagement on critical and emerging topics and inspiring more than 500 stakeholders to drive investments and actions on sustainable energy.The ManagEnergy Publishable Report 2017 – 2020 describes in detail all the activities performed by the initiative and how it helped energy agencies lead the Energy Transition.

The 2022-2026 work programme aims to further support the role of energy agencies by providing information, know-how, visibility and networking opportunities. The Master Classes and Expert Missions that have made the success of the previous contract will be back to raise the skills and capacities of energy agencies. A new capacity-building service will be organised, more focused on internal processes and day-to-day activities – workshadowing schemes. ManagEnergy Talks and Online seminars will also take place. Learn more on all foreseen activities on our services page. 

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In May 2024, Miljenko Sedlar from REGEA led a ManagEnergy Expert Mission at the JINAG agency in the South Moravian region, sharing insights on governance, climate action, and sustainable development.

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In February and March 2024, ManagEnergy Expert Lisa Vaughan visited the recently established Sligo-Leitrim Energy Agency to empower their efforts in energy efficiency for residential and community renovations.

ManagEnergy Master Class #3: Unleashing the Potential of One-Stop-Shops for Residential Retrofit

On 28 February 2024, 24 staff of local/regional energy agencies, cities and regions have completed the third ManagEnergy Master Class where they have learnt how to design, develop and operate One-Stop-Shops for residential retrofit. Let’s go back on these three days of intense training.